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Latest trends in new online slots

The world of online gaming is constantly evolving, thanks to the speedy evolution of internet technology. Things change very quickly and developers of online games are making the most of the situation, creating new intriguing games that use the latest technologies for unique gaming experiences. HD or 3D environments with complex interactive features are now available to players on their smartphones, something that was hard to imagine just a couple of years ago.

According to the online gaming experts running the website ColossalSlots.com things are moving rapidly in the online slots department as well. Slots are very simple games, however they are becoming more and more complex thanks to the implementation of new technologies. There are more anymore special features that can be easily used from latest generation phones, and a lot of online games that are using those features for creating online slots that have a narrative and interact with players on a more complex level. Let’s have a look at what kind of features these innovative games offer, as there are specific trends developing in the market.

Some of the most sought after games these days are Bonus Buy Slots. These feature, that can also being referred to as “feature drop” gives direct access to the bonus game the sloths in store for players. The bonus game is usually triggered randomly, by landing some special symbols in a specific order. This new special feature allows players to skip the whole process of waiting for the special features to drop on the gaming area. Of course, this comes at a price, which is different from game to game but is usually set at around 50x-100x the bet. Since this special feature has been recognised as dangerous for vulnerable players by the UK Gambling Commission it is not available in the UK. However it is available to players globally and is being a huge success among slots fans.

Another trend that is emerging these days is the possibility of merging live gaming with online slots. The first popular example is the slot is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a game that includes a slot-like gaming ares, a live presenter, a CG animated version of Gonzo (a very popular character in online slots culture) and an interactive interface. The elements of the game are quite complex and they are available on mobile phones screens as well as on desktop computers. Slots experts believe this kind of game will become more and more popular in the next few years as it manages to offer players a mix of two games they love, live casino games and online slots.

Finally, one more trend that is clearly going strong since a couple of years is the implementation of innovative slot mechanics in online slots. We are referring to the Megaways series of slots, which run on a ground-breaking engine that goes beyond the concept of payline and offers thousands of winning ways for each single slot. This way, there is more variation and a higher chance of hitting a win during basegame. After the huge success of this series of games among slots fans, developers have tried releasing slots running on other innovative mechanics, with a general increase in the quality of gameplay.

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