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Slot Games with the highest RTP

It is funny when you look back to the primal beginnings of slot machines, mainly because they weren’t capable of paying out nearly as much money as they are today – far from it in fact. These days and throughout the 20th Century there have been several people that have ended up winning a high profile jackpot, and in the case of Eimar Sherwin it even happened twice, when the man won two several million jackpots in 20 years. In contrast, the earliest slot machines of the late 19th Century were only able to pay out prizes in the shape of a free cigar or drink at the bar. Indeed, it wasn’t until a particularly savvy engineer called Charles D. Fey came along that slots could pay out real hard cash, and this changed everything. But why does all this matter? Well, the overall prize is what most people play slots for, and luckily enough for them there is now a hell of a lot more money available to be won. 

You simply cannot argue with that statement, especially in the online slot industry were developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt are regularly paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds to slot gamblers, sometimes even millions! Be wary, however, as it is not exactly the easiest thing to end up on the receiving end of this amount of cash. It is a harsh truth that it is in most cases a lot easier to lose large amounts of money instead whilst playing online slots, as many keen gamblers will testify too. But there are things you can do to increase your chances of leaving an online UK slot games session with a nice amount of cash, and one of the main things is making sure that the RTP – Return To Player – of any given slot is as high as possible. This is a percentage value that indicates how much the average return of any given online slot is – in other words its really rather useful. Read ahead for some of the slot games with the highest RTP. 

Mega Joker 

NetEnt are bona fide institution in the online slots world, and that is largely down to games such as Mega Joker, the go too slot for jackpot hunters. In fact, this online slot seems to be modelled after the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines, something that is sure to tantalize a whole load of online slot fans. 

This is a vintage style 3 reel slot, however features such as the Supermeter are rather modern. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to bet with the maximum coin denomination (10.00) in order to hit the potential 99% RTP of this slot, however this risk could be greatly rewarded, so it is definitely worth a shot. 

Jackpot 6000 

You don’t have to be a genius to work out what the developers of Jackpot 6000 were aiming for with this online slot. It is a game that also comes courtesy of the masters over at NetEnt, proving their pungent for making slots with high RTPs. 

Jackpot 6000 follows a very similar structure to Mega Joker, however here the RTP can rise to a maximum of 98.9%. You will have to do a bit of practise to hit this, however, as Jackpot 6000’s Supermeter round is skills based, meaning that advanced online slot gamblers are bound to score higher. 

1429 Uncharted Seas 

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully crafted online slots we have ever seen, so hats off to Thunderkick for having the effort to make sure everything on the game seems to be specially hand drawn. This, alongside the free spins that can offer up to 50 free spins every single time, makes for a simply cracking online slot to play. 

And there’s more good news too, because 1429 Uncharted Seas’ RTP is a fantastic 98.6%. It is not often you can find such a meticulously crafted game with such a high RTP, so this is an online slot to saviour.  

Blood Suckers 

If there is anybody out there who simply could not get enough of the Microgaming vampire inspired classic Immortal Romance but was a bit miffed at the RTP, we implore you to check out Blood Suckers, a similarly bloodthirsty game. The difference here, however, is that Blood Suckers has an awesome 98% RTP. 

It also has a few blood curdingly good bonus features that will be having you dancing for online slot win related joy in no time at all. 


NextGen Gaming slots are consistently excellent, and Starmania might just be the pick of the bunch. This online slot reminds us heavily of the NetEnt classic Starburst, however with an RTP of 97.87% it already looks like a much more exciting proposition. 

The developer has also decided to include a stacked wild features, and in our experience this is where the majority of wins ended up coming from. 

Kings Of Chicago 

Sometimes no matter how good an online slot is, it can still get boring rather quickly simply because it doesn’t have much that is different from any other online slot. They all come in roughly the same shape or size after all, with consistently similar game mechanics. This is the reason why Kings Of Chicago is so good, because instead of matching symbols across pay lines, wins are made when you see a poker hand! 

It is a refreshing burst of fresh air, and with an RTP of 97.8% to boot it seems the developer NetEnt definitely aren’t messing around here. 

Devil’s Delight 

Are you a bit of a Satanist? If so you are going to love Devil’s Delight, because this game is all about the king of the underworld. And as it turns out, things can get pretty lucrative down there, with the RTP of Devil’s Delight coming in at a whooping 97.6%. 

Its whimsical design, alongside the extensive bonus symbols, means this is a thoroughly engaging slot that many people will enjoy. 

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