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The thing is that your business is probably being hacked

If you are in network security, you have likely heard about multi-factor authentication. This security method is the result of complex hacking methodologies. What is it? Simply, it requires multiple stages of identification before accessing a network, program, file or server. Industry-standard should have at least two stages of authentication. Anytime you see the abbreviation 2fa, that means it requires two forms. 

The rise of cyber attacks over the last decade have frustrated and destroyed more than one company or organization. One thing is certain, these sorts of attacks will not go away anytime soon. An organization looking to give their network security a boost should look into some 2fa solutions. It is important that any solutions are available enterprise-wide. It is also important that everyone in the organization uses the same system, to increase effectiveness. All you need is one bad apple, to bring down an entire business.

Multi-factor authentication is rapidly becoming the go-to defense for sensitive files, servers, and networks. It provides a level of security that is superior to one stage authentication. Typically, most access is provided by providing credentials. This means using the traditional username and password configuration. To be clear, usernames and passwords are still very important. They are one of the first lines of defense, and should always be used. 

The problem is that credentials can easily be obtained or changed in a breach. If credentials are organizations only main line of defense against unauthorized access, they are in trouble. By the time someone realizes that a breach has occurred, it is often far too late. 

When access requires a second form of authorization, the security increases 10 folds. Depending on the complexity of the design, that second form could be bio-metric data, tied to an authorized device. This can be as easy as a code, being sent to a mobile device. The user then submits the code, after using credentials to log in or access the network or files.

It’s Not Too Late to do Something

If you are not using 2fa, the risks to your organization go up by the day. Criminals would prefer that you do not upgrade and enhance your network security. It can be an understandably daunting task to redo your security and access. This is why it is best to use a professional third-party company to handle this task. 

In a competitive business market, budgets and line items can be very tight. Upgrading network security is not sexy. It is something that happens behind the scenes, performing heavy-duty work daily. While it may not be a headline grabber, cybersecurity is now something that should be the first thing an organization should look at in 2020. The cost and expenses to a company upgrading their network and security can pale in comparison to a massive data breach. 

There are companies, who work with all the top companies in the world. Customized, cutting edge solutions are available to business both large and small. Save yourself the time and trouble, upgrade your systems now.

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