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Main rules in online poker: best-trusted sites to play poker in the UK

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The rules of UK Pokerstars or any other form of poker are usually simple, but it is important to master them in order to beat your opponents. That’s why we’re going to dedicate today’s article to the main rules of poker – read on before you start betting!

The 7 fundamental rules of poker

Learn the Poker Hand Rankings

The poker card combinations from highest to lowest value are:

1. Royal Flush

2. Straight Flush

3. Poker

4. Full house

5. Flush

6. Ladder

7. Trio

8. Double Pairs

9. Couple

10. High Card

Get to know the positions at the table

The position is everything in poker games and all the action revolves around the button, except in Stud. The first positions, as well as the small and big blinds, are to the left of the button and act first after the flop. The seats to the right of the button are the last positions and act as the last post-flop, and the seats in between are the middle positions.

The rules of classic poker indicate that the later you talk (the position furthest away from whoever initiates preflop action) the more likely you are to win.

Pre-flop action: fold, pay or raise.

Pre-flop action begins with the player sitting to the left of the big blind (BB). The action continues clockwise until the BB acts last. Pre-flop players have three options: fold, pay or raise. Once all players have acted and the bets are even the betting round ends.

Play the Flop: check, bet, call, fold, fold or raise

The Flop is the first three of the five community cards. Players have the option to check (no bet), bet, bet, pay, fold or raise, depending on their position at the table and the previous actions of their opponents.

Responds to the Turn: check, bet, call, fold or raise.

The fourth community card is drawn when the flop betting round is over. On the Turn you have the same options as on the flop: check (no bet), bet, call, fold or raise, depending on your position at the table and the previous actions of your opponents.

Decide on the river whether you’re bluffing or for real.

When you finally get to the river, the fifth community card, you should have a hand that can win. Or you can try to bluff if everyone passes to you. Also, no more cards can come up that beat you!

Show the cards in the Showdown.

For Showdown to occur there must be at least two players remaining. The winner must show their cards to take the chips. The winner is determined by whoever has the best five-card hand. That player wins the pot.

The best-trusted sites to play poker in the UK

UK poker players can play in virtually any poker room, but with hundreds of sites available, the decision is not always easy. Among the best online poker rooms are the following:

  • Partypoker
  • Tigergaming (USA)
  • PokerKing (USA)
  • Betfair
  • RedKings

All popular payment methods are available to UK residents: Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, PayPal, and for players looking for more anonymous services, cryptocurrencies such as BTC or USDT are always an option. As the UK is a member of the SEPA zone, players can apply for debit cards in wallets to easily withdraw money from an ATM.

There are many reasons why the UK has become the best country to play online poker. Having the freedom to play in any room, and withdrawing easily and securely without having to pay ridiculous taxes, are just the tip of the iceberg of a country that offers an excellent quality of life.

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