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Maintaining the exterior of your premises from manholes to parking lots

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When it comes to the success of your business, you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression. Those precious seconds are vital to surviving, especially for brick-and-mortar retailers, who face bigger financial challenges than online stores. Ultimately you want to make your storefront inviting and to do this, it needs to be clean and well-maintained with good signage. Pay attention to detail and cover everything from manholes to parking lots. Your shopfront should be well-lit and the signage creative, interesting and preferably illuminated, so it can be seen clearly. Even from outside the premises, your business is selling a brand and upholding a valuable reputation. This is why it is worth making an investment in the exterior of your shopfront or office.

Make sure the windows are spotless

Make sure that the windows of your business are clean and that you can see into the premises clearly. Get a regular window cleaner who can wash inside and out. If your business is in an area that is heavy with traffic, you may find that this needs doing every couple of weeks to prevent a build-up of grime. Don’t fill the window space full of posters or menus either if you can help it. Not being able to see inside can often put off a customer from entering a shop. This will ultimately be extremely detrimental to your business and have an effect on business profits.

Keep your premises clean

The front of your shop or business should be pristine if you want to consistently bring in customers. Make sure that the front of the building is freshly painted and looks clean. Pull up any weeds, grass, or plants that are growing out of the driveway and pavement. Industry experts EasyMerchant recommend replacing dirty manhole covers with durable and hardwearing new ones. Make sure that any litter bins outside are regularly emptied even if this is not your responsibility. If there is overflowing rubbish in front of your business, then a customer is unlikely to want to come in. Finally, the windows should be beautifully clean, so you can see inside the shop.

Investing in signage

If you have a high street business, 85% of your customers will live within five miles of it. This means that they will be passing by, almost every day. If you want to catch their attention and get them to come into your shop, then you will have to present them with a good reason. The signage that you have is make-or-break -it attracts 50% of your customers. You could be selling the best fish and chips in the world, but without clear signage, that is well-maintained, you will lose out on business. It should stand out, be easy to read and well illuminated at night.

If you want to bring customers through the door, then you need to make the front of your business premises attractive. It should be clean, organized and eye-catching for all the right reasons.

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