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Bournemouth CCTV drain surveys

Real estate listings rarely mention the condition of the drains on the property you are potentially buying. Yet defective drains could lead to very costly and time-consuming fixes later down the line.

Anyone buying a new property, domestic or commercial, is advised to have a drain survey carried out. The fastest and most cost-effective way to examine your sewers and underground pipes accurately is by using closed circuit TV, commonly known as CCTV.

It allows for careful examination without having to excavate or manually enter the pipes. A camera is lowered into your pipes and a high-definition picture is sent back to a screen for viewing.

Having a professional drain survey carried out by a qualified and trustworthy drainage expert will ensure any potential damage, erosion or building blockage is addressed before they become a bigger problem for you.

If you’re buying a particularly old piece of property, a survey will help to locate any maintenance which needs to be undertaken before minor erosion turns into major damage.

Identify Issues

After a drain survey, you as the property owner should be able to understand the comprehensive in-depth report produced by the drainage expert.  Some companies will make them deliberately confusing in order to charge you more at the end.

All of our services are offered with fixed prices, no callout fees and no hidden costs so you know how much you are paying before work is started.

A CCTV will show hairline cracks which can lead to water leakage and over time it affects the stability of the pipe, and as these cracks grow bigger they start to allow in debris and silt. It can find out if there are any pest infestations, vermin such as rats and bugs accessing buildings through pipes which poses a serious threat to health and safety. Of course, a survey will also show any blockages.

It is important for most new property owners for potential buyers to get a good CCTV survey done but if you are about to move into a rented property the sewers and pipes tend to be the responsibility of the landlord.

If you are a landlord it also allows you to get an idea of the drains before someone moves in to keep a record of any damage caused by tenants.

Anybody planning an extension will need to inform their local water authority and they will require information including the location, measurements and condition of all drainage within 3m of the area. We offer a build-over survey which will provide this information.

Call Blocked Drain Bournemouth today for your free personal quote on a CCTV drain survey.

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