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Make Irresistible Intro’s with InVideo

In this fast-pacing market of making as well as selling your content; as content creators, you need to constantly come up with new ideas or ways to put out your work into the realm. This sounds easy but is not. Effective marketing strategies help your content reach the masses and especially your target audience. But what catches the eye is the one that proliferates as well as stays and that can be achieved by visually enrapturing the viewer’s mind. Video marketing is one of the most crucial as well as effective ways of publicizing your work and especially an eye-catching intro video. Most marketers agree to incline towards video promotion more and this is also shown in the statistical report of the WYZOwl.

But why intros?

Social media is the game today; your audience is scattered and you cannot knock at every door to look for your target audience but what you can do is make digitally pleasing marketing content that reaches the right audience. Intro videos instigate the talk and connect you to your potential customers immediately. And when intro videos without watermarks reach the right audience, the word spreads and you gain the much-needed leap over other content creators. You can include your videos on your social media profiles, websites, portfolios, use as advertisements, newsletters (if any) or dedicated channels; the possibilities are boundless and so is your reach. Intros are your grand entrance to a huge event; they engage your audience in a short period, give them intel about what your work involves and leave them something to think about. Keep in mind the interrogatories when making your intro and include them namely; what is your work? how you do it? who are the people doing it? Why should people buy your product or continue watching this video to the end? and where do you do it? Create a permanent impression with your intro videos with ease through InVideo which look professional and captivates the viewer’s mind. With the intro maker in InVideo, you can create desirable intros easily and with so many options to select from you can make your videos irresistible. Add filters, drag scenes you want or images from any other template or video of your choice, add stickers, overlays, blend videos and download it to your required dimensions, voila – your video is ready to dazzle! Most importantly remember to stay original and authentic because there is nothing more appealing than a completely trustworthy brand.

The best part of using InVideo is its smooth and powerful transitions, blended layering, Automated voice systems and intelligent framing available in multi-languages so that you can connect to people in different dialects. Our strong network of fellow InVideo users will help you to gain perspective on how to approach your project also give you a direction to work on. You can get inspired by fellow video marketers or makers in our community. But if you need training or are new to video making InVideo also helps in giving a demo session with an expert so that you can learn to use as well as extract all the features of InVideo. 

Some tips to make your intro videos shine

  •    Be quick: your ads should be quick in talking about your brand whether it be long or short.
  • Provide Contact: Make sure to provide any kind of contact details with your video. For example; email, telephone number, social media handles, etc.
  • Good     Sound: let your work speak through its music, its visuals and everything that you put in it. The music should complement your brand and pull them inside the video through the right kind of captivating music. There is a wide range of free music available in the InVideo library form where you can choose.
  • Keep the Brand Motto in mind: Your intro video should ooze with the vibe your brand stands for and customize it accordingly. Nowhere should the customer feel detached or confused.

InVideo provides you with simple prices for your intro video-making journey so that you can make videos hassle-free and without watermarks. Unlimited and business plans to suit your needs with a free 7-day trial.

How to use intro maker in InVideo?

    Create     your account in InVideo’s intro maker if you haven’t and log in if you already have an account.
  2. There are surplus templates to choose from, select the one that you think     speaks your brand and is suitable for you. InVideo has a template for different kinds of purposes to offer to you.
  3. You can even customize the existing templates or new ones according to your need by adding your brand logo and removing the watermark, adding other necessary details and changing font style, adding overlays and other stuff that you wish to add with just a simple     click.
  4. Add your project media or upload them from your devices. You can even edit your images and videos easily with InVideo and put them in the intro with smooth transition and layers.
  5. Add some good and complimenting music to your video from our copyright free music library. Choose or upload music tracks from your devices     if you already have some.
  6. Put some animations, stickers, logos, transitions and font movements if any to make your video more attractive.
  7. Preview before publishing and putting it out and when you are satisfied and happy with the result; share this video and let your brand shine.

Making intro videos with the intro maker in InVideo is that easy and on top of that saves your effort, time and money keeping you away from the hassle. InVideo is one of the best videos making apps out there today which helps in making intros the way YOU WANT and keeps the creator’s needs above thus providing endless customizing options with pre-mad templates, music, media and whatnot. Visit InVideo website today and get a flexible plan for yourself to make intro videos for your brands.

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