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Make The Most Of Your Business Reviews

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Show off your gold star businesses

A great business review can really bolster your business, so it’s essential that whenever you get one, you make the most of it. These tips are particularly useful for those just starting out in business, but will be useful a reminder even for successful CEOs. Whether you want to work out how to get those good reviews rolling in, or find out what to do with them once they’re there, we’ve got you covered with these three simple tips.

Get Professionally Reviewed

A favourable customer review is one thing, a great review from a professional really has some clout. Finding a suitable reviewer for your business should be something you spend a little while on, and once you’ve found them, make sure your business is ready to show its stuff. Sites like OddsChecker specialize in reviewing websites from the casino sector. They break down important information such as the bonuses available, the variety of games and the security features. While this company in particular is centered on the casino and sports betting sector, you’ll find independent reviewers like it across every sector. Once you’ve got your glowing independent review, save some snippets from it for the next tip.

Create a Testimonials Page

Every business owner nowadays needs to have skills when it comes to website management, so it should be pretty straightforward for you to create a testimonials page on your site. You can take samples of great reviews you’ve received to show your potential customers just how good your business is. Video testimonials are really popular with consumers at the moment, so if you have any particularly satisfied customers then ask them how they’d feel about making you one. It’s great to have a slew of 5 star Google reviews, but it’s even better to have a whole page full of ecstatic customers singing your praises.

Add Value Everywhere

Photo by Wijdan Mq on Unsplash

Giftwrapping is the perfect way to thank loyal customers

Finally, the most important thing of all is making sure you get those reviews in the first place and the best way to do this is to add value wherever possible. If you sell physical items then you could consider gift-wrapping them to make your customers feel extra special. If you sell digitally then send personalised emails with a special thank you note. Remember your customers birthdays and send them a special discount, or remember their favourite items and send them one as a thank you. Taking the time to keep your service personal really makes a huge difference to your customers, and happy customers means positive reviews.

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