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How to succeed: best 7 blog marketing strategies

Blogging is a great way to promote brand awareness while creating sources of income. Blogs can be monetized, and having a successful blog could result in a stable income regardless of how your business is doing.

Here are seven of the best blog marketing strategies for a successful blog.

Content syndication

Content syndication is an interesting marketing strategy. When you engage in content syndication, you are essentially sharing your blog to other sites. When choosing sites to share your blog to it is important to check their relevance and authority. 

Your aim is to align your blog with other trusted sites. Some of the easier sites for syndication are Medium and LinkedIn, but it could be useful to align yourself with other sources as well.

Media houses and networks, as well as other authoritative blogs, are also good choices for syndication. While some platforms are user-published and you can do it yourself, you might need to make connections for authentic content syndication. 

Content syndication can also be reversed, with bloggers cross-blogging to your site. If this happens, check the content of other bloggers to see that they align with your image to avoid damaging your brand.

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Find other bloggers

Blogging gained success and popularity in its early days because it helped bloggers connect with other people who were similar to them. One of the best aspects of the blogging world is that most bloggers are friendly and helpful. Getting in touch with another blogger is quite simple, and rarely is there a case of blogger hostility.

Getting in touch with other bloggers can provide you with many opportunities. Getting their input on a piece you are writing is one way to ensure you are reaching the targets. 

You also need these bloggers to share your blog so you can reach a wider audience. Bloggers generally acquire a loyal following and their followers tend to be very helpful and supportive. If a blogger shares your blog with their audience, it is likely that you will gain more followers.

Guest post

Once you have made a name for yourself amongst other bloggers, you can consider guest blogging. Guest blogging helps you to connect with other bloggers like you and forms strong bonds between your blogs. 

However, these aren’t the only advantages. When you guest post to someone else’s blog, it shows that they believe in your message.

Having other bloggers believe in your message gives your blog some authority and can help you gain followers. Many of these followers will be people who already follow the blog you are featured on, while other followers might be new. 

In addition to a bigger blogger helping you, you get to put their name out to your audience as well, and this helps them gain followers. Guest blogging also improves your SEO campaign through cross-posting and backlinking to authoritative sites.

Search engine optimization

The greatest key to marketing success lies in effective search engine optimization strategies. While social media seems to render the greatest turnover of visitors, it is important for bloggers to remember the power of a search engine. 

When you are writing your content, you need to be sure you are writing for your audience and the search engine.

Most blogs can gain a sufficient support system through social media, but most successful blogs gain the majority of their support through search engine results. As a result, you need to ensure each post you create for your blog is optimized for search engine results. 

Search engine optimization is simpler to engage in when blogging since most SEO strategies are content-heavy. Inserting the right keywords in the right places, hashtagging correctly, and covering popular topics will result in your blog ranking high in search engine results.

Join forums

Joining a forum is a good way to expand your knowledge while meeting other bloggers. Many successful bloggers will run forums or contribute to popular ones. While joining a forum is not a direct blogging strategy, it is a way of improving your blog. 

Forums allow you access to free advice from experienced people. Besides, it gives you a platform to share ideas and get tips on how to improve your blog.

Through forums, you can interact with famous bloggers, and making connections with experienced bloggers can offer opportunities for guest posting and blog sharing. 

Forums also give you access to the blogger’s mind, allowing you to see what topics and styles have succeeded and which have failed. This will save you time, as you will most likely avoid unsuccessful approaches.

Attract readers

Simply writing something and putting it online is not useful to anyone. Readers can generate more traffic through shares, generating more income. When your blog is getting thousands of visitors per post, you feel confident in your success. However, it is not only views and visitors that matter.

When you set up your blog, you need to aim to get subscribers. Subscribers form part of a loyal following that you can rely on. To gain subscribers, you need to write about topics they care about and in a way that holds their attention. 

Even if you focus on current events as your marketing style, it is important to write differently to how they are already portrayed in the media. Readers don’t want to see the same thing repetitively, so you need to grab their attention and hold it through unique techniques.


As a marketer, you may be tired of promoting. Despite the blog being a promotional tool, it is not a promotion in itself. For a blog to gain readers and subscribers, you need to promote it. Promoting your blog can take many forms. 

Some of the more popular forms of blog promotion include posting them to the social media platform or drawing readers in by showing you will be adding commentary on an issue.

The most successful bloggers promote themselves and their blogs simultaneously. Even though the blog is a tool to market the business, readers will feel more engaged and connected if they believe they are getting to know you. 

Blogs have long been considered a form of personal expression, so it is essential for readers to feel connected to the blog’s author through self-promotion.


Creating a successful marketing blog requires more than just writing about a topic and linking it to your business. Making connections with other bloggers is probably the key to blogging success. At the same time, you need to ensure your blog appears in search engine results and that it attracts readers and subscribers. Ensure your marketing blog is a viable form of income by using these seven tools to ace the game.

Author Bio:

Harry Southworth is a blogger, academic writer and owner of https://youressayreviews.com/. He has a deep interest in writing, which makes handling a variety of work easy for him. In his free time, he enjoys listening to classical music, reading novels and playing table tennis with his friends.

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