Health & Safety in the modern workplace
A MFI Furniture Group case study

Page 9: Improving performance

The essence of MFI's success in Health and Safety improvements is in having changed Health and Safety performance into something that could be quantified and measured.

MFI's safety standards follow the acronym SMART:

Simple - by the creation of simple audit questions that are easy to follow

Measurable - a scoring system which allows direct comparisons

Accountable - managers are made directly responsible for store performance

Realistic - performance benchmarks are based on past performance

Time related - there are scheduled safety checks and target staff training times.

MFI has introduced a system to measure safety performance through its safety auditing programme. In the same way that retailers are set sales or profit targets, they are also set safety performance targets and are then rewarded via a bonus scheme if those targets are achieved.

MFI Furniture Group | Health & Safety in the modern workplace


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