The rebirth of the MGF
A MG Car Company case study

Page 1: Introduction

We identify with products in a variety of ways. At a simple level we may buy a coat in order to keep warm or a can of cola to drink. Consumer behaviour is a complex process and we all have complex motives for the things we do. There are probably types of coats we would not be prepared to wear or cans of cola we would not like to be seen drinking in public! A product is therefore not simply a way...
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Page 2: The UK market

During the 1970s, the sports car market was dominated by product offerings from MG and Triumph. As these classic cars were progressively withdrawn, this led to a sharp contraction in this sector.The UK market was badly affected by recession, with the volume of cars reducing dramatically from 2.3 million in 1989 to 1.57 million in 1992. Today the market for cars is divided into segments providing...
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Page 3: Brand strategy

The development of the MGF provided the opportunity for Rover Group to re-enter an exciting sector of the market, where it had not been represented for many years. Branding is, in itself, a form of product differentiation, which communicates quickly and effectively to consumers a great deal of information about a product.From the early stages it was realised that the MG branding was a mixed...
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Page 4: Product positioning

Even though a market may have been divided into segments, within each segment buyers will not have identical needs. Product positioning takes into account the thoughts and perceptions of customers to place a product relative to other products and brands. The position is, therefore, how the product is perceived in the minds of customers. References to it as a new Midget were to be avoided and, in...
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Page 5: Communication strategy

The key element of a communication strategy is to send the correct messages through to potential customers in order to develop their awareness and understanding. The launch of the MGF was to be viewed as more than just another new car launch. It was to be viewed as the re-emergence of the famous MG marque in its truest form, an affordable two seater sports car. The modernity of the design and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Detailed work on the launch of the MGF started soon after the programme to develop the product was approved! The strategy needed to recognise that the introduction of the MGF was more than a new model launch; it was the revival of a famous motoring marquee which would attract world media coverage. It was important to create an awareness of the product to provide dealers with the chance to pre-sell...
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