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Must have office gadgets to boost your productivity

Everyone wants to be the cool guy (or girl) at the office. Your laptop looks sleek. You dress to kill and everything about you is unique. Forget the overzealous rookie or your hyperactive boss. You can become the go to person for trends. At the same time, you can increase your work productivity. All you need is invest in some of the following gadgets.

Curved-Screen Work Station

Some people hate curved TV screens because they offer only one view-at the center. When working, you don’t need any other view except to immerse yourself at the center of the monitor. You get a more enhanced visual experience. The viewing angle is increased and there is less strain to your eyes.

For someone who works close to windows, a curved-screen monitor is a must have at the office. Bid goodbye to light reflections that blur your experience and welcome the awesome-looking curved modern PC monitors.

IPad Pro/Tablet

The biggest hindrance to achieving optimum work productivity is multitasking. And workstations are every good at it. The best way to get into your work-zone if you are constantly distracted is to use an IPad Pro or any top-rated tablet.

The iPad Pro is a top of the line mini-computer that only occupies very little space on your desk. With a screen size of 2732 x 2048 pixels, you’ve got enough working space. It may not be as powerful as the Mac book Pro, but you can do most types of work with the tablet. If the iPad’s price is too high, consider Microsoft’s latest convertible laptop. Samsung, Google and Asus also have some great tablets worth checking. Read reviews on bestreviews.guide.

USB-Powered A Cup Warmer

If you savor coffee or tea as you work, don’t you hate how fast it cools? An affordable USB-charged cup warmer can keep your hot beverage warm for longer. The device draws small amounts of power from your laptop and converts it into heat that can keep your beverage warm.

With a considerably long cord, and a perch that could fit differently sized mugs, your coffee needs are taken care of. Attend quick meetings. Take a break or even concentrate on work for an hour. The coffee will remain hot and your PC’s battery isn’t drained.

Quality Speakerphone

With conference calls increasingly becoming common, get one for your office. Limit your smartphone for personal use and communicate with multiple people conveniently. Better yet, modern speakerphones are smart devices. Some have motion sensors. They turn on when you enter your office and shut off after you leave.

On your car, a good speakerphone accepts voice commands. You don’t have to get distracted trying to retrieve your smartphone. The microphones can be customized to mimic a face-to-face call and their batteries last up to 24 hours.

Whiteboard Wall Clock

If you hate managing your schedules using your phone but still dislike notepads, a whiteboard wall clock is probably what you need. Measuring only 15.75 inches in diameter, the device resembles a wall clock. Its foundation is aluminum for durability while the whiteboard can be marked and erased using an erase marker.

With the device, you can mark your program alongside the time and date. It also comes with a minute and an hour hand that lets you keep track of your progress. For someone who wants to maximize their productivity, the whiteboard wall clock is worth checking out.

Mobile Internet Router

Many officers prefer wired Internet connections over mobile routers due to speed and hacking issues. But if you are constantly traveling, a mobile router is your best deal. A mobile router can support speeds of up to 1000Mbps, more than most ISP providers are willing to support.

Convert your car into a mini-office. Use it at home or at the campsite. Again, you can secure your Mi-Fi with a VPN so that hackers don’t get to pry your team’s information as you work. The price-you can get a quality mobile router for as low as $100.


Juggling between work and home duties can leave you with no time to exercise. And as you probably know, exercising improves work productivity. Cycling with a desk cycle doesn’t look like a real gym, but it helps exercise your muscles. Your blood flow increases and you become more energetic at work.

By regularly exercising, the desk cycle keeps you healthy for longer. You get more time working and less time worrying about health issues. Exercising also reduces work stress, which gets you prepared for a more productive day.

While a high-end desk cycle could set you back $200, a cheap pedal cycle for $50 will do the same job. A smart device keeps track of the number of calories burnt, time spent and other statistics.

Portable Document Scanner

If you want to conserve your desk space, ditch the huge scanner for a portable one. No cables are needed as the small device emails scanned documents using WiFi. The scanner is chargeable with a USB cable, which makes it even more convenient. Place it inside your drawers and get it out when you need a photo or document scanned.

Due to the small size, a portable scanner isn’t your best bet for scanning multiple documents. For that, you need a normal desktop printer.

Hand-warmers for the Cold Season

Cold can negatively impact your productivity. The moment hands freeze because of cold weather; most people reduce their work rate. Some may try gloves but they can be inconvenient for typists. The best device to keep you warm at the office is a couple of hand warmers charged via USB cables. Your fingered remain uncovered but the heat transmitted through the fuzzy gadgets keep you warm all the time.

To Conclude

The right office gadgets can increase your productivity significantly. The right laptop is able to handle software and run efficiently. The iPad limits you to working your planned tasks while a whiteboard ensures every task is completely timely.

Some of the devices may appear expensive, but they are all geared to improving your productivity. Whether it is the desk cycle or hand warmers, every gadget reviewed above will make you more productive.

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