Nutrition, Health & Wellness - New Product Development at Nestlé
A Nestlé case study

Page 1: Introduction

Businesses operate in markets that are constantly changing. Consumer tastes and expectations are always on the move. This case study examines a market-focused innovation developed by Nestlé. It explores the development of Maggi 'A Natural Choice': a range of culinary (cooking) products that is primarily targeted at chefs. Nestlé is the world's leading food company. Since it...
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Page 2: Market research

The Maggi brand experienced a decline in sales in the UK leading up to 2004. This was because the product had come to be seen as uninteresting and old fashioned due to its dehydrated format and flavour. The product failed to meet users' increasing requirements for fresh tasting culinary aids. Maggi commissioned face-to-face qualitative research to get a deeper insight into chef and consumer...
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Page 3: Research and development

Nestlé's strength in product research and development makes it possible to develop products to fit market requirements. Maggi is committed to providing cutting edge products that chefs want, e.g. products with a lower salt content. These products are high quality and easy to use. The new products need a more natural taste while at the same time offering value for money. The Maggi 'A...
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Page 4: New product development (innovation and renovation)

Each of Nestlé's European factories is a centre of excellence that specialises in developing new areas of food technology. New paste bouillon research and development is carried out at an Austrian factory. The new Maggi 'A Natural Choice' paste bouillons are created and developed there. New product development involves a number of important stages. To give an idea of timescale, the...
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Page 5: Product launch

Launching to chefs is very different from the launch of a product for the retail environment. This is because it is not easy to communicate directly with chefs, as this target market is made up of busy people who work unsociable hours. Publicity in the press started 6-8 weeks before the launch. Selected trade media such as Catering Update and Caterer and Hotelkeeper carried advertising and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Maggi 'A Natural Choice' range is designed to combine chefs' requirements for tasty wholesome food with consumers' requirements for more nutritionally balanced, healthier meals. Maggi 'A Natural Choice' is a carefully researched and developed product designed to give customers more of what they want.
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