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Networking tips for entrepreneurs

Networking is an incredibly powerful tool in business. Networking can open doors, bring in new customers and grow your brand, so it is clear why it has remained such a key part of business for so long. Networking today is very different to how it used to be thanks to the internet, but it is still vital for all entrepreneurs and businesses to capitalise on any opportunity to meet new people both online and offline. The bigger your network, the more likely it is that somebody will be able to help you or you will be able to help them. Here are a few tips for networking effectively in today’s day and age.

Keep Social Media Channels Up To Date

A lot of today’s networking is carried out online on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure that all of these channels are kept up to date, and you are active across these. Add those that you meet and be sure to regularly engage with their posts as well as make your own. You never know when they or somebody that they know could be of great use so staying active online is important.

Have Business Cards

It may seem old-fashioned, but a business card is a handy tool to have in your back pocket at all times. Whether you are at a conference, meeting a client or even at the pub on the weekend, you never know when you might meet someone who is good to know. Give them a business card that contains your contact details, website and company/position and your network will continue to grow.

Attend Industry Events

Industry events are excellent places to meet important people in your field. It can be hard to stand out with everyone trying to network so make sure that you are positive, enthusiastic and show interest in people but do not spend too long speaking to one person. Distribute your business cards here and work the room to build a pool of helpful contacts that could either use your business or open a door for you.

Host Your Own Event

Hosting your own event will have people coming to you which can make it much easier to network. Conferences, exhibitions, galleries, award shows and presentations are just a few ways to get the big names in your field to your event, and it could do wonders for brand reputation. These events will always need to impress, so it is important to use established companies like ON Services a GES company. Companies like this will have expertise in putting on amazing events that use the latest and best technology to dazzle your audience.

The importance of networking should not be overlooked no matter whether you are looking for employment, launching a start-up or simply trying to climb the corporate ladder. Networking is somewhat of an art form, but the above advice should help you to grow your professional base and could help to open many doors and present new opportunities.

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