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Next Best CSGO Comparison Site Launched

Image by Joachim Kirchner from Pixabay

CSGO Gambling has become a popular industry within the CSGO commu§nity, with comparison sites comparing all the sites that offer csgo gambling currently available and sites like CSGORadar.com doing this as such.

Counter-Strike was released in 2000 as a first-person shooter title. Players battled terrorists in war zones all over the world, and the game’s striking realism quickly rendered it a classic.

After 12 years, Valve launched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in an attempt to revitalise the franchise (CS:GO). The game’s core mechanics stayed the same, but players could now purchase or win’skins,’ which are decorative covers for their weapons that serve as costumes or designs to enhance their character or equipment.

Players must first fund an account on Valve’s multiplayer gaming site Steam in order to purchase skins. The money is transformed into credits, and it cannot be reversed. Credits are used to purchase skins for CS:GO and other games on the Steam Market, which are then stored in the player’s personal Steam library. The more popular the skin, the higher the price.

What is CSGORadar?

CSGORadar is the ‘next best’ csgo gambling comparison site with the aim of comparing all CSGO products in the far future. From match betting to cawsino type games from top csgo skin betting platforms such as CSGOEmpire and CSGRoll which offer promotional codes and bonuses.

What is CSGO Gambling

Skins are now used as a form of payment for wagering on casino-style public pot games of chance such as coin flips and roulette. Roulette spins can happen as frequently as every 30 seconds on sites like CSGOEmpire, CS:GO Bux, and CS:GO Wild. Players deposit skins, which are then turned into coins or gems of various values and used in the same way as chips in a casino to wager on games of chance.

Players will bet on roulette and coin flip games on websites like WTFSkins and receive FarmSkins codes amongst others which offer an incetnive.

If a player wins, they receive more jewels, while if they lose, their balance decreases. The chips can be used to buy skins or to place more wagers.

CSGO Skin Betting, Casinos and Match Betting

Skin gambling’s popularity has grown thanks to video sharing platforms like YouTube, where some videos have received over two million views. Vloggers film themselves gambling with skins and sometimes film large wins.

Syndicate and TmarTn, two famous vloggers, posted videos of themselves betting skins on CS:GO Lotto, a third-party skin gambling platform, but failed to notify players that they also owned the site. Their videos showed them earning huge sums of money by gambling with weapon skins. Millions of people watched the episodes, which included titles like “HOW TO WIN $13,000 IN 5 MINUTES.”

Esports / CSGO Gambling History

The growing popularity of competitive video gaming (“esports”) has drew the attention of the gambling industry, which now offers esports cash betting across the majority of wagering sites. Furthermore, an unregulated gambling subculture has emerged around esports, with virtual game products known as “skins” being used as currency to place bets on esports and third-party platforms that host games of chance. Little is known about these novel types of gambling at the moment, but there are growing concerns that they can expose some vulnerable consumers (such as youth) to gambling-related damage.

The current paper gives a global history of esports betting and skin gambling, based on the limited research literature available, which includes scholarly papers, government documents, conference presentations, and media coverage.

Esports, skins, the history of gambling products, gambling exposure and accessibility, research findings (e.g., prevalence, awareness, demographic characteristics, gambling behaviour, problem gambling), illegal activities, changes to skins and the skin gambling market, and industry and government responses to concerns arising from these new gambling products are all briefly discussed in the review (e.g., underage gambling).

The aim of this article is to educate the general public, scholars, governments, and other key stakeholders about the changing environment of esports betting and skin gambling, the types of bettors that these forms of gambling attract, and the possible negative implications of these practises.

Author Name: Fariha Bhatti

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