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OSRS Best Weapons to Obtain

OSRS Best Weapons to Obtain

The most useful or strongest weapons

Any adventurer worth their salt won’t leave home without a weapon. The world is filled with both wonders and dangers. Having a weapon lets player characters protect themselves, especially in combat-oriented games. OSRS is no different, and so, we’ve listed the OSRS Best Weapons to Obtain in the game, along with their prices in OSRS gold.


The God Wars were a defining era in Gielinor. Though it happened many, many years before, its effects are still seen in the present. There are even sealed locations that haven’t moved on, such as the God Wars dungeon. Luckily for the players, it’s a treasure trove of equipment that won’t be seen anywhere else.

The main reason players go to the dungeon is the Godswords. Without looking at their Special Attacks, they all have the same stats and bonuses, so stat-wise they’re all the same. There are four Godswords in OSRS, the Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, and Armadyl. They forge a blade by fusing three pieces together and then attach that to a hilt the boss of a camp drops.

Players prefer the Saradomin and Armadyl ones, as they’re the most useful for healing and offence respectively. That also means they’re quite expensive. Their prices are 27.7M and 7.7M OSRS GP respectively, at the time of writing. At any rate, having any of the four is a big boost to your offence, so having any one of them lets you walk anywhere with confidence.

Toxic Blowpipe

Though it wouldn’t put as much of a dent on your wallet as the other weapons on this list, the Toxic Blowpipe is one useful weapon. Since it’s a Ranged weapon, you can use it to safe spot enemies, and even if you get hit, you can heal with it. Its Special Attack, Toxic Siphon, can heal you for about half of the damage dealt. Plus, it has a chance of poisoning the enemy, increasing the damage output.

It’s one of the cheapest weapons on this list, at 1.6M gold at the time of writing. With the correct Fletching levels, you can make one of your own with a Chisel and a Tanzanite Fang.

Abyssal Whip

In a different bent from the other weapons here, this is the best weapon to train Attack or Defense with. With a +82 bonus to both Slash and Melee, it’s not that bad of a weapon to use either. With the upgrade from a Kraken Tentacle, its Slash bonus goes up to 90, and Melee to 86. It has no other requirements (quest or otherwise) than 70 Attack (75 with the upgrade).

It costs about 2.1M currently in the Grand Exchange. Otherwise, for Ironmen, they can try defeating Abyssal Demons or Greater Abyssal Demons as these two may drop the weapon. As for the tentacle, defeating either Cave Krakens or The Kraken has a chance to drop one.

Scythe of Vitur

When a weapon can hit three nearby opponents with a single swing, you’d better believe it’s an effective one. What’s more, if the opponent is a large-type enemy, you’ll be hitting it three times in a row. This characteristic of the Scythe of Vitur makes it a very desirable weapon for all kinds of players.

Unfortunately, it’s a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood minigame. It’s bound to the player that gets them, making it unavailable for purchase through the Grand Exchange. It’s a weapon worthy of buying OSRS gold for sale, but in the end, you’ll have to run the minigame until you get it.

Twisted Bow

This is perhaps the most expensive weapon on this list. The Twisted Bow, a rare reward from the difficult Chambers of Xeric, is only effective under certain conditions. Otherwise, it might actually be weaker than bows of the same level. However, under the right situations, it’s a total powerhouse.

The Twisted Bow calculates its damage and accuracy based on the target’s Magic level. The higher the level, the higher the accuracy and damage. That makes it perfect for defeating certain targets such as Commander Zilyana, the King Black Dragon, and even the Great Olm.

If you don’t want to go through repeating the Chambers of Xeric, it costs about 1 billion gold. However, with a weapon like this, it can be worth it to buy OSRS gold for it.


Of course, there could be other useful and strong weapons. These are just the favourites and most popular of them all. For sure, having any one of these will be a good thing. Weapons are meant to be used, else the OSRS gold you spent on them would be for nothing.

Enjoy the OSRS and don’t forget to take your weapons along!

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