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Expert tips to level up your Pubg game

Expert tips to level up your Pubg game
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Pubg emerged as one of the most popular and topmost games all over the globe. It has become massively popular among people of all age groups. Moreover, this action-packed battle game is full of thrill and excitement, which makes it more popular among people.

Being the most popular game of all time, it has also been a great choice of the game among cricketers, gamers, musicians, etc.

As a beginner, when you start playing this game, you may get addicted to it. As soon as a few days pass by, you get to know the rules, pubg aimbot, tricks, and tips of the game, which further helps you to jump to the next levels.

But it is not as easy as it seems. For some people, playing is just leisure time being spent, while others may play with the aim to get better and jump on to the next level.

For the players playing with a dedicated mind, levelling up can be one of their topmost priorities. It is noted that there are around 100 levels in the game, which is also the highest level that you get to play.

But, you need not worry now, just have a look at our guide below having expert tips to level up your pubg game easily:-

1. Always stick to the classic model of the game.

Sticking to the classic model of the game over and over again is one of the best tips if you wish to level up your pubg game. The best thing about the classic model of this game is that it offers the highest XP and that allows you to jump to the next levels quickly.

On the contrary, it is also okay to enjoy and experiment with other levels of the game too, but to level up fast, the classic mode is the best.

2. Take part in challenges to level up fast.

The pubg game has daily and weekly challenges which offer decent XP bonuses, so it is of utmost importance to be a part of such challenges. It basically involves a few simple activities such as driving vehicles, watching certain videos, healing, and some other activities. To achieve your decent XP, you are advised to take all the challenges.

3. Always keep tracking your progress missions.

Every time when you jump on to the next level of your game, you should ensure that you keep track of your progress missions. Once you level up, you are given 3 missions. These missions also assist you in getting XP to reach the next levels. So, there is a strict need to keep track of these missions and collect XP thereby.

4. Surviving is essential too.

This is yet another important expert tip to level up your pubg game. Instead of getting into unnecessary gunfights, there is a need to focus on surviving in the game. You should always remember that winning the chicken dinner gets you the highest and quite decent XP. So, you should avoid playing aggressively and focus less on risky tactics such as camping to survive in the game for a long time.

5. Finding teammates having the same mentality.

Though you will only be playing the teammates, you should make sure that you find a squad with whom you can gel up. Having teammates of the same mentality is one of the best aspects to rank or level up in the game.

It clearly shows that all the teammates may have the same aim to collect decent XP to level up fast in the game.

If you find any player interested in getting into gun fights or kills, he is likely not suitable and good where you are already focused on levelling up. So, it is quite important that all the teammates have the same aim to ultimately win the chicken dinner at the end.

6. Better health and healing add to XP bonuses.

Having better health and using bandages, painkillers, first aid, and energy boosters all add to your XP bonuses which are collected at the end of the game. You can also opt to fall from a height to have damage so that health regenerators can be easily used to heal your health and add XP thereby.

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