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PMTA – Top 10 FAQ’s

PMTA Top 10 FAQ’s
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PMTA got us worried about losing our favourite thing in the whole world. Vaping has become a part of our lives, and we can’t imagine how the world would be without it.

If you’re worried that such a thing will happen any time soon, you can rest assured that even with the new PMTA protocol, vaping will still stay around for quite some time.

Vape Craft submitted PMTA vape flavors among many other shops, and you can feel comfortable about not losing your life passion. 

What is PMTA? Is it something that will stop us from enjoying our favourite e-juices?

If you heard the term before but not sure about what it means to us vapers, here are ten frequently asked questions that will explain how the whole thing works.

1. What Is PMTA?

To keep it short and easy, PMTA stands for Premarket Tobacco Application. PMTA is the latest FDA protocol that makes all e-liquids and equipment sellers apply for FDA approval to sell their products in the US.

Sellers must go through the PMTA process with each product in their shops if they want to continue the business as usual.

FDA has actively pushed for PMTA, and they’re not looking to give anyone a chance to mess around.

2. The Costs

Here’s a big deal about PMTA and why many fear it will shut down the vaping industry for good.

To sell FDA-approved vaping products in the US, a shop must file the PMTA for each product in their shop if they want to continue to sell it.

It will cost somewhere from $117,000 to $466,000 for each application, which is a staggering amount of money.

 3. Deadline

The deadline for all shops to go through PMTA was September 9, 2020. To comply with the latest FDA rules, shops should put in a lot of effort and resources.

Even though the deadline passed, many can’t afford such an amount of money and still offer their products without the FDA approval. 

That’s not a wise thing to do, as shops will face legal consequences and risk getting fined.

4. Will It Stop Us From Vaping?

You don’t have to worry about not having a supply shop where you can buy e-liquids and equipment.

Even though the PMTA requires plenty of cash, many shops didn’t hesitate to go through the entire process.

Rest assured that vaping is safe for a lot more years to come.

5. Will It Raise the Prices?

So far, we haven’t seen any significant increase in prices for vape products. The shops that went through the PMTA have found a way to stay afloat and still provide their products for reasonable prices.

We can’t foresee the future, but we’re optimistic that the prices will not drastically increase.

6. Buying From Shops Without FDA Approval

If you’re worried about facing legal consequences when buying products that didn’t go through PMTA’s, you can be at ease because nothing will happen to you.

You, as a buyer, will not have problems, but the shop will. FDA will look into all shops that sell products without approval and charge them for not complying with their regulations. 

7. Are Businesses Going Out of Work?

Unfortunately, many small shops that can’t afford such an amount of money start to close their business to avoid legal charges.

Luckily, not all shops face closing down, as they found a way to co-sponsor PMTA with the manufacturers to keep the business alive and well.

8. Can You Still Make DIY E-Juice?

You can still buy DIY kits online and make e-juice at your home. PMTA will not affect your homemade e-juices, and you can continue as usual.

However, if you make e-liquids for further selling, you will fail to fall into FDA’s compliance and might face legal charges.

9. How To Know if the Shop Went Through PMTA?

Usually, the shop will brag about going through the PMTA’s on their products, and you’re able to see that as soon as you get into the website.

If the shop falsely states that they went through the application process, and the FDA catches them, they will face problems and close the shop for good. We’re sure no one will try anything silly like that.

10. Should You Be Worried?

In the end, the main question is, should you worry about PMTA’s?

You can be at ease, as your vaping will remain safe and sound, and you will still find your favourite products in the shops.

Shops are not giving up that easily and still find ways to pay for the PMTAs.


You had the right to be worried about everything about PMTA. In the beginning, it sounded like it might close the whole vape industry and leave us without our favourite products.

Now, when everything is in motion, you can rest assured that such a thing is far from happening.

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