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Popular ready-made ideas for Youtube

Where to get ideas for videos: we’ll look at ways to help you find video ideas and tools to create them.

Analyze your competitors’ video content: research your competitors in your niche – what type of content they make, what titles and tags they add to videos.

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Visit sites on your topic.

Find sites on your topic and study articles, browse popular products and their descriptions. Read the reviews – what the audience is asking about, what problems they face and how they solve them.

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For example, you have a gardening channel. You can study information about plants and useful properties, quality of land, cost of fertilizers and tools, as well as read about recipes, landscaping, the correct location of the house on the site and where and how you can sell the crop.

Search websites for interviews with experts on your topic and study them carefully. You can do your research and answer popular queries yourself, or invite a guest to help you understand the topic.

Example. If you started a blog on behalf of a company that provides website development services, invite speakers who will record useful videos with you: how to properly design a website, how to find a contractor, which CMS is better to choose, and the like.

Explore news and trends on social media.

Follow news channels and social media trends. Check what content users are interested in – long videos or short reviews, who they want to look up to and even be like, and who causes negativity. This will help form the options for scenarios – which guests to invite, which issues to pay more attention to and how to behave in the frame.

You can shoot videos based on trends: unpacking; life hacks; lifestyle, or vlog; full-fledged shows and investigations; challenges; podcasts, interviews, mini-series; DIY, or do it yourself.

Let’s consider another format – sketches and parodies. For example, parody blogger Satyr takes the latest news about a popular personality as a basis and records entertainment content with reincarnation.

Channel with parodies of famous personalities.

As an example, bloggers – investigative ecologists and humorists – are in different formats, but each of them succeeded in their work. This is an indicator that there will be a viewer for any kind of content. The main thing to remember is that the filming process must be approached wisely and thought through all the details. People appreciate quality and interesting material. Look for your audience and niche in which you can express yourself.

Discover the chatbot.

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How to find out if your viewers will like video themes.

So you’ve found the themes for your videos. Now you need to find out if your audience will like this material. Let’s take a look at ways to help you understand that your subscribers will be interested in your videos.

Match video ideas with customer portraits.

When studying your target audience, rely on customer portraits. Consider all the nuances of working with users, for example, such moments – from which devices they watch videos, how much time they have for this, and in what period of the day they turn on YouTube. This will be one of the tips for when to post content. You can also notify subscribers when you upload videos.

Information about users can be collected through polls, comments, interviews, communication in messengers, analytics services.

Based on the data obtained about the target audience, you will be able to determine the interests, pains and factors that affect its representatives – the close environment or problems in the world. By understanding your audience, you can speak the same language with it: raise current issues, solve problems, help with advice, educate or entertain and boost your videos without buying Youtube likes.

For example, you have a client portrait:

Anna, 20 years old. Studies at the institute. Is engaged in dancing. She looks after herself – monitors fashion and makeup trends. On YouTube, she has subscribed to girls bloggers, glossy online magazines, musicians.

What content will the girl be interested in?

About cosmetics and fashion – workshops, interviews, production review, a show of clothing collection, analysis of ingredients, search for analogues, destruction of myths, reviews, podcasts, DIY, videos in unboxing format and vlogs.

About music 

A selection of songs, recording a concert, interviews with a performer, challenges, podcasts, inner atmosphere in a group, covers, cutting funny moments, preparing for a performance, video in the “one day with a star” format.

During the pandemic, Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. And in order to support subscribers in difficult times, the Little Big group with several bloggers and stars created their own show – Quarantine Vision.

Videos about dancing – training, analysis of movements, master classes, review of clothes for training, interesting facts, interviews, exposure of a famous school.

Analyze the topics in Google Trends.

Check out the topic through Google Trends. This simple query analytics tool helps you compare search trends and identify popular keywords.

When working with words, you can switch to YouTube search and web search, select countries, query categories, and trend lifespan – several years or even the last hour.

Check out YouTube Trends.

YouTube Trends is a section of currently popular videos. Also after the main list, you can see videos that were trending some time ago.

If you find your topic in these lists – watch the channel, video and study the descriptions. Your task is to understand how the author was able to interest the audience. This could be an unusual pitch, a guest star, or a discussion of a hype news feed. Take note of the interesting points and adapt them for yourself.

Check out YouTube analytics.

Do not forget about the internal YouTube statistics – there you can clarify the audience data and general information about the channel. For example, you can find out where viewers are coming from, how long they watch a video, and at what time of day and day of the week.

Also, keep track of how long your audience has been watching the video. If a person is interested in the first 15 seconds, they will most likely watch the video to the end.

In the advanced report, you can find audience data and analyze when viewers are watching your videos. This will help you plan your publications.

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