Yahoo, in a bid to build its mobile business, has bought Snapchat rival Blink. It’s the latest in a line of deals specifically designed to bring tech talent into the company, boosting the content on offer for its mobile services and advertising revenue.

Blink, like Snapchat, allows users to send messages to one another which then disappear after a set period of time. The app will be shut down towards the end of the month, the seven strong Blink team, which includes former Google employees, will then get to work on Yahoo’s ‘smart communication’ products.

Since Marissa Mayer took up residence as Yahoo’s chief executive two years ago, the company has bought almost 40 start-ups. To keep up with the increasing number of people accessing the web on mobile and tablet devices, it has primarily focussed on mobile companies. (Marketing Week, 14th May 2014)

Many companies, unsurprisingly, are looking towards mobile messaging, as apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp boast millions of users. Facebook bought WhatsApp for £11.4 billion in February (see here)

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