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Press Start to Game Therapy: Escape Stress with these Top 5 Cozy Mobile Picks

Game Therapy
Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

A lot of stigma about mobile phone usage circulates throughout the internet landscape. However, it can be an effective tool for calming your mind with various therapeutic games available in app stores. If you’re seeking a way to unwind and relieve stress in the meantime, here are five cozy mobile picks that you should try.

1. Usagi Shima

After a taxing day at work or in your studies. Find solace from the chaos and delve into the world of adorable bunnies. This cozy game is perfect for relaxation as you play with various types of bunnies on the beach of the abandoned island. The sound of the waves adds an extra layer of calmness. Your task is to care for the island, building houses, stalls, and acquiring decorations, toys, and plants to attract curious, adorable bunnies and create your bunny paradise. The more toys and decorations you acquire, the more bunny visitors you will attract.

Cats and Soup

Collect cats and work alongside these adorable workers who prepare soups and drinks. Catch fish from the pond and feed them to boost their happiness. It also has a set of soothing background soundtracks that you can change according to your preference, enhancing the game’s relaxation and enjoyment. Each day brings free hats and wardrobe items, along with some events that give free decorations to personalize your cats’ mini-room or their ‘cat tower,’ a multi-level house where two cats can reside on each floor. With numerous bonuses like hastening your cats’ cooking for 5 minutes and more, adding a spice of fun to the game. Speaking of bonuses, experiencing that surge of happiness and satisfaction when obtaining one adds excitement to the game. Similarly to other engaging games, such as online casinos, which are popular in different regions, especially in the UK, offering the best casino bonuses. The list of top casino bonuses in the UK undoubtedly adds an extra layer of excitement, providing players with access to exciting games adorned with delightful cat themes.

Sky: Children of the Light

If you’re done checking on your cat workers, you might want to venture on an adventurous journey as a child of the light. Fly among the clouds to collect candle lights and wings, and free the stoned spirits to acquire accessories for your character, such as hair, instruments, and a wardrobe, from the spirits. Complete quests or play with your friends to guide you on your journey. You can even make friends with other random players, just offer them a candle. The game hosts various events and offers bonuses. One notable special event was Aurora’s encore concert last December 2022, which was a part of Sky’s Aurora season and hundreds of players gathered in the Colosseum. It was a therapeutic experience for players as they wandered into the fantasy world of Sky accompanied by Aurora’s songs like “Runaway” and “All is Soft.” Where they morphed into different species in each song. Sky offers many more activities for players and is a great choice for easing your mind.

Boba Story

Serve some adorable customers in this simple yet addictive game where you run a cafe that offers unique drinks made by you. Help Joji, a strawberry forest spirit, revive their beloved old sweet shop. Create your unique drink recipes using various fruits, milk, toppings, and bobas. You can even select your cup lids and sell your sweet drinks to your customers. In addition to bobas, you can also sell various kinds of sweet and heartwarming dishes, like dumplings. Decorate your cafe and experiment at the ‘experiment table’ to acquire more unique bobas and toppings; you can access the experiment table recipe list via the internet. You can also sell your sweet products more quickly with bonuses to earn money faster and upgrade your cafe’s furniture.

Stardew Valley

Step into the serene life of countryside living with this roleplaying game. This is where you’ll experience managing a lively and abundant farm with endless activities to enjoy. This farm simulator offers a plethora of engaging tasks, from raising animals and fishing to tending crops and crafting items. Allowing you to effectively unwind from stress. It also has a variety of characters that you can choose from and home decoration options. Socialize with townspeople in the quaint local community of ‘Pelican Town’ and make friends along the way. You can even date some of the available townsfolk and start your own virtual family. Explore vast and mysterious caves to collect valuable treasures deep underground and encounter dangerous monsters.

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