Direct marketing
A Reader's Digest case study

Page 1: Introduction

Life in Western economies today is often said to take place in ‘a consumer society.’ The beginning of the ‘age of the consumer’ is associated with the period just after the Second World War where for the majority of the population incomes began to increase faster than the cost of basic necessities and the standard of living began to rise.A feature of all societies is that...
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Page 2: The magazine industry

In the magazine industry there is a traditional distinction broadly identifying two types of magazines. This divides magazines into 'consumer titles' which provide readers with leisure-time information and entertainment or 'business and professional titles' providing readers with information relating to their working lives.Today more than 80% of adults within the UK regularly read a consumer...
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Page 3: Setting itself apart

The essence of Reader's Digest today is to appeal to the sort of people whom DeWitt Wallace back in the 1920s envisaged as the readers of his new magazine; busy men and women who welcome an easy-to-read collection of articles to keep them well informed about the world around them.When Reader's Digest magazine first came to Britain in 1938, a company was formed in London to market the United States...
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Page 4: Readership profile

An important part of the process of marketing is to undertake market research in order to build a profile of groups of customers. To do this requires accurate information. By looking at the groups of people who subscribe to Reader’s Digest, it is possible to make the most of the direct mail process and develop a cycle of improvement by feeding this information through planning and...
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Page 5: Marketing

Marketing is a process of planning which involves identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer needs. The process starts with an understanding of what people want, upon which an ‘idea’ can be developed. Many people have ideas but few make them ‘happen.’ From the idea comes a plan and then a process of production and market research, from which will come the product...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Wherever Reader’s Digest magazine is published, it has the same values and dedication to editorial excellence, providing high standards for readers by condensing articles which appeal to their hearts and minds. The magazine covers every type of scenario in a way which readers can readily understand. Technical issues are dealt with in a simple and clear way. Though the magazine is largely...
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