Building a single brand
A Rexam case study

Page 1: Introduction

We are all familiar with Coca-Cola, Nike, Heinz, Shell and many other strong global brands. But what is a brand? Someone once described brands as a form of shorthand which buyers make use of when trying to cope with choosing from among a vast and growing number of products that the market offers them. This does not mean that a brand is the same as a huge logotype, a bold trademark or a big...
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Page 2: Strategy and vision

Rexam is the world’s leading maker of beverage cans and its fifth largest consumer packaging company. Rexam manufactures a wide range of products including lipstick cases, beverage cans, margarine tubs and glass containers. Rexam’s ambition is to be the global leader in consumer packaging, concentrating on a chosen number of specialist segments and providing its customers with a...
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Page 3: Single brand strategy

To reflect the concentration on consumer packaging, Rexam decided to adopt a more focused approach to the way it presented itself to its customers, employees and other stakeholders and opted for a single brand strategy. Previously, Rexam’s various manufacturing companies and divisions had been allowed to operate freely under the Rexam umbrella using their own names and brands. A single Rexam...
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Page 4: Identity

Rexam has worked to transform its organisation from within. Strong brands are built on strong graphic identities, so the starting point for a single brand strategy was to create and implement a common Rexam identity in what was a disparate group of companies across the world. The common corporate identity is a visual backbone for the single brand strategy. The common identity would not only make...
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Page 5: Culture

The next task in building the single Rexam brand is to add to its power by developing an inclusive organisational culture; a culture to which everyone within the company can relate and which is perceived positively by people outside. A unified graphic profile and a unified culture will combine to support a strong Rexam brand. The emphasis is not on imposing a new culture from outside but rather on...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Following the period of acquisition and divestment to focus Rexam’s business on consumer packaging, Rexam is now an integrated company with an integrated single brand strategy. The ongoing emphasis, therefore, is on strengthening the Rexam brand and culture. This is based upon a worldwide identity and a common understanding of Rexam’s values and beliefs. The company is convinced that...
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