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Creating a new and exciting brand Café Cadbury

Everyone knows about Cadbury and what it represents. The Cadbury Masterbrand is the flagship for a variety of well known distinctive products including Flake, Dairy Milk, Crunchie and Roses. Each of these products has its own place in the public imagination because we have grown up with them and they have associations for us with events in our personal histories.

Since 1990, Cadbury has developed and implemented an expanding programme of presence marketing as an effective way to promote the Cadbury Masterbrand in the UK. The strategy has been to select high profile sites in theme parks, shopping malls and airports to communicate Cadbury values and increase the availability of products.

This case study examines the creation of a new and exciting brand – Café Cadbury – which shows how detailed thought has been applied to making this a successful venture which extends the Cadbury reputation by providing a high profile presence and by giving consumers even more reasons to choose Cadbury.

The pilot Café Cadbury was opened on 8th October 2000 in an attractive three-storey 18th century Georgian building in the centre of Bath, a busy tourist destination and World Heritage City. The location was carefully chosen to position the new brand as a premium experience for the discerning customer. Café Cadbury is an exciting all day premium café and gift experience that also offers a take-out service on the ground floor.

Brand positioning

Brand positioning involves creating a position in the marketplace for a product. Café Cadbury involves providing consumers with a 3D experience of the brand in which they enjoy a premium offer. Consumers are able to experience the brand in a real physical environment. Café Cadbury provides a warm, contemporary, friendly environment where customers can indulge themselves with Cadbury’s chocolate.

To secure this premium position, Cadbury set out to differentiate the experience from coffee shops and chocolate retailers on the high streets or in shopping centres/malls. The total Café Cadbury experience exposes the customer to chocolate indulgence. The emphasis is on chocolate, offering the customer a range of products and experiences they cannot find elsewhere.

The illustration across highlights that the heart of the offer is the chocolate experience delivered within the theatre of a premium café location. Supporting this is a retail offer including chocolates and gifts as well as takeaway products.