Motivating through Total Reward
A Royal Bank of Scotland case study

Page 6: Conclusion

RBS operates an exciting and forward thinking Human Resources (HR) strategy. It provides a world-class employment package for every employee, at every level, wherever they work. It adopts an attitude that motivates its staff in both financial and personal ways. By doing this, RBS is able to compete for the best people and attract them to its business. In a world where local labour market conditions can fluctuate from region to region, RBS must be sensitive to local conditions and individual needs.

At RBS, motivation theory comes to life. RBS employees at all levels can enjoy a work environment where effort is seen to be valued, where achievement is recognised, where individual progress is rewarded and where a long term career is available for those who are able to grow with the business. Where individuals are made to feel a part of the bigger picture and where the rewards available are varied, practical, personal and tailored to the individual, there are motivators for all.

Royal Bank of Scotland | Motivating through Total Reward



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