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Seamless voice communication with Zadarma


VoIP providers vary significantly from relatively small local providers to large global conglomerates. There are a variety of options out there and often it can be difficult to understand who best to partner with. When it comes to selecting a VoIP solution, there are several core considerations that you must factor in. In order to make sure you select the best VoIP solution for your business. 

Let’s imagine an example business, Acme Corp. Acme Corp is a sales focused organisation with 100 employees over 3 locations, growing fast year on year. The workforce is heavily weighted with a customer service call centre as well as dispersed remote working, salespeople. There is a definite need to streamline communications across locations as well as provide a centralised customer relationship management solution. 

Defining your business requirements

Acme Corp listed out their exact needs through discussing requirements with core team members to identify the type of VoIP system required. They discussed SMB basic VoIP & more advanced unified VoIP solutions.The SMB space is catered for with VoIP offerings that help businesses transition from analogue and ISDN to VoIP services. Acme Corp, however, was a growing business so opted for looking for a slightly larger VoIP vendor. It is important to ensure your provider has the resource to specialise in larger deployments. In larger organisations, often the first step is getting voice traffic over the internet. Acme Corp fundamentally required a more effective ‘Unified Communications’ strategy. VoIP enabled so much more than just phone calls. The next step up from VoIP is Unified to improve efficiencies across the organisation as well as improve customer experience. 

Unified Communications

Acme Corp decided upon Zadarma. An established VoIP provider with their Cloud Business Phone (PBX) ready-made unified solution. Why did they choose Zadarma you may ask? Quite simply Zadarma is one of the most cost-effective, easy to use unified VoIP solutions out there right now. There is no need to buy expensive equipment and deal with hardware and telephone wires. You simply connect to the network via the internet while your phone system is created and maintained on the operator’s servers. Acme Corp found the whole set up process painless and simple, setting up in as little as 5 minutes.

Unified Communications provides countless productivity gains through telephony and non-telephony features. If your discussions revolve around non-telephony features, your focus should narrow to a Unified Comms provider, rather than just VoIP.

Zadarma core features:

Zadarma is renowned for its fair, scalable pricing and customisation, giving the user the ability to adapt the system to any business need. Zadarma offers a cloud PBX system, free for regular users that continuously top up their account, with a wide variety of functions, such as call transfers and recordings, automated fax receiving and welcome messages, call waiting with music options, interactive voice response, and the ability to connect multi-channel virtual numbers anywhere you are.  

  • Simple, quick and easy in set up and use 
  • 30,000 virtual numbers including toll-free are available across 90 countries worldwide
  • Call tracking
  • Voice menu and voicemail system
  • Free to set up cloud PBX customisable to needs
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) backed by features including call pickup, transfer, recording, conditional and unconditional forwarding and call waiting.
  • Answer machine
  • Call centre solution
  • Call back widgets
  • SMS
  • Video conferencing 
  • Free API integration with your CRM and messaging ie: Slack, Salesforce, Facebook Messenger and Zoho CRM

Zadarma’s pricing:

Zadarma has a variety of VoIP system bundles. 

  • Standard – £0 per team/month (up to 5 users)
  • Office – £17.00 per team/ month (2-10 users)
  • Corporation – £33.00 per team/ month (5 to 400 users)
  • Free trial software
  • Free API integration
  • An unlimited plan is also available

Although there are some similarities between Zadarma and other providers, Acme Corp found that Zadarma, when compared, seemed to come up top for its sophisticated versatile VoIP solution, affordability and ease of use. Zadarma provides a large virtual number coverage and does not charge for adding extra users, always matching the lowest rates. The seamless system is easy to set up and allows for bespoke configuration that is affordable and adaptable, appealing to a variety of small to large businesses.

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