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The advantage of internet telephone for small business

The Voice over IP (VOIP) technology is not a new one, being only a little younger than when the Internet was first announced. However, it has become quite sophisticated as of late. Now that mobile devices such as cell phones and Pocket computers are becoming more popular in accessing the Internet, they can also be used to take advantage of the VOIP service.

While the advantage may not be apparent for personal usage as there is a lot of free VoIP service like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and etc.

But it can become very beneficial for small business owners.

VOIP is a service that allows for one to make calls to other places using Internet bandwidth. Naturally, the better the bandwidth, the call will be smoother and conversations more clear. It is also known by different names such as Internet Telephony, IP Telephony, and Voice over Broadband. Companies that extend such services to customers as usually referred to as providers.

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VoIP is Cost Saving

If a call is made from one VOIP device to another VOIP device, it is usually free. Otherwise, a user is charged a minimal fee if the VOIP call is made to regular landline or a regular mobile number.

Still, large savings can be realized because of this technology and its popularity is picking up especially in the business world.

This is especially true for businesses that hold regular conference calls with their international clients. These conference calls can be held virtually for free, saving a company on call costs which in turn boosts profit.

VoIP is All about Mobility

Another area where this may be of advantage is to the traveller. Businessmen who travel a lot may consider taking a VOIP phone along with them so that wherever they connect online, they will be able to receive incoming calls.

This makes them reachable at all times. This is especially helpful for those who work in call centres. Call centre agents are able to work anywhere that there is a stable Internet connection, making it more comfortable for them to work.

VoIP is Flexible

Another advantage of using VOIP is that it can integrate with many other technologies available to the world at present. This includes video calls, audio conferencing, and even the online management of address books and exchange of information by the form of computer data.

It works through a regular Internet connection and through WIFI connections, which are made wirelessly in places that provide such services.

VoIP has One Little Problem

Probably one of the few disadvantages of VOIP (aside from experiencing a power outage that will render the service useless) is that it demands a healthy Internet connection to work almost seamlessly.

Quality of calls made and received are heavily dependent on how rich the bandwidth being used is. So you want to make sure you have a great and robust broadband provider. You can compare and find cheaper broadband on usave.co.uk – it’s a great site to get some sweet deals.

VOIP is strictly digitized so it is still advisable for people to maintain a regular or analogue line that will allow them to dial numbers such as for emergencies. But again, I believe all if not most of the people owned a cell phone which can act as a backup contingency plan.

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