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Is losing streak in slots a thing?

Unfortunately a large part of gambling involves losing and this is because the odds are already stacked up against the punter even before they have placed a bet. Think of it as a gladiator entering an arena only to discover that he faces 10 opponents instead of one. Some gamblers actually feed off this and enjoy the challenge of defying the odds and beating the house. When you gamble on slots, your fate literally lies in the hands of a computer chip that produces random spins. Furthermore, slots are designed to give the house an edge so losing streaks on slots are very real. However, online slots are not all bad as they can produce big winning spins. Some people have become jackpot winners thanks to these random reels. Generally though, the rule is that slots are money-spinners for casinos. 

Handle With Care 

A careful approach to playing slots is best and punters should begin by taking up bonus offers such as deposit match ups that many casinos offer new players. These can help you test slot games without spending too much of your own cash. If free spins are thrown in too, then you can play selected slot games for free. If you hit a losing streak, the worst thing that can happen is that you lose your bonus cash and this is preferable to losing your own money. 

Be Gamble Aware 

Setting yourself a cash limit may not help you win, but it will prevent devastating loses. Withdrawing winnings as you go, also prevents you from losing everything. Use responsible gambling tools like deposit limits and loss limits. If you need to cool off, then have a break or if the worst comes to the worst, self exclude. Deposit limits can help prevent gambling addiction from taking hold and are probably the best of all of the tools on offer. They are simple to activate and every casino offers them. Sometimes the only way to end a losing streak in slots is to end your play and return after your finances improve.

Winning Tips

Before you make a single cash bet, study the RTP or Return Player Percentage of each game. Those with the highest percentage return most money back to the player per real cash wagered spin. An RTP of 96 percent or over means that even though the house will still have the edge over you, it is not as big as it could be with other more volatile slots. High RTP games do not guarantee victory they do however improve your chances of getting a decent return on your stake.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to give slots a spin, some simple measures can help you control your gambling and these will keep the entire experience fun. Slot choice matters and games such as 1429 Uncharted Waters, that boasts an RTP of 98.6% can be a good game to start with. However, walking away if you continue to lose is the best way of halting slot losing streaks.

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