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Sms-man is a reliable and popular resource where every user can buy temporary mobile number in well-known online services from 10 cents.

Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram and many others can be activated via SMS on our website and create accounts in Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram and many others. You can choose a one-time phone number for registration from more than 250 mobile operators from around the world.

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The Sms-man service works in automatic mode, so getting a temporary phone number for registration is available at any time of the day. You can use our services immediately after a simple registration without any additional identity checks.

Pay for services on it is very simple, so a large number of payment systems are supported. You can order a room in rubles, dollars and cryptocurrency, which makes it possible to comfortably use the service from any country in the world.

Get temporary mobile number for registration in a couple of minutes

For you, we have created a service in which every user can easily buy a number for registration in social networks and messengers in a couple of clicks. Thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface, the whole procedure takes a few minutes.

To do this, just follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Register on the website
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Find the right service and get a number.
  4. Accept an SMS with a confirmation code to it.

If you need an inexpensive and high-quality website where you can get a temporary phone number for registration in almost any popular service, then “Sms-man” will be the ideal solution.

You can get a virtual number in two ways:
1. Lease a number. To do this, go to “Lease” tab, choose the country of the number and the lease term. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly lease. You’ll get unlimited sms with confirmation codes for any services you’re interested in.

2. You can buy a one-time number for a certain service. You need to go to the main page of the site, choose the country and the desired service. Use bought number while registration. When asked for code to complete registration, go back to the site and click “get SMS”, the code will appear next to your virtual number.

Choose the way you like and create accounts at any service.

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Benefits of Sms-man service

Compared to other resources that offer one-time phone numbers for registration, “Sms-man” has 5 undeniable advantages:

  • the optimal price. In our work, we do not use a chain of intermediaries and do not resell numbers from other sites. So the price of our services is much lower than that of competitors.
  • more than 250 services. On the website collected  temporary phone number for otp in almost any online service on the Internet. Why search for the right number if they are all collected in one place.
  • simple payment. You can pay for services in rubles, dollars, cryptocurrency through a large number of payment systems, which allows you to conveniently purchase numbers without unnecessary conversion costs.
  • a variety of mobile operators. You can register through one of more than 260 mobile operators from around the world.
  • instant sms activation. Unlike other resources, to receive SMS activation, you do not need to pass additional identity checks, even if you purchase a number of a Russian mobile operator.

Don’t forget to use VPN to receive verification code

You need to use a VPN extension to use it to change your IP address and avoid blocking several sites, which will greatly speed up the process of obtaining a verification code. To achieve this result, just activate the VPN, select the country and the IP address (optional) corresponding to the country of the number you are registering your account with.

If you are still in doubt, then go to the website and you will appreciate all the advantages of our service.

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