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Business’s 6 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

Business’s 6 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

It is more than simply a fun way to interact and connect with pals on social media. When used strategically, it may be a very effective corporate marketing strategy. Failure to build a proper social media plan is a common blunder made by corporations.

It is just as crucial to have a social media strategy as it is to have a digital marketing strategy. A smart business owner will not invest in traditional advertising without first devising a strategy and the same is true for social media.

Many of the features of a traditional marketing plan are included in social media marketing in London. It is crucial to research target markets and consumer buying habits. It is also crucial to figure out what your brand’s strengths and limitations are.

It is time to outline strategies and construct your plan when you have completed your research. Here is how to create a six-step social media marketing strategy.

1. Determine who will be in charge of social media marketing in London:

With all of the responsibilities that come with running a successful business, social media can go overlooked. It is a good idea to choose a person or multiple persons who will be in charge of monitoring and posting material before starting a social media campaign for your company. The social media manager(s) must not only guarantee that content is posted regularly, but also that all comments and feedback are monitored and responded to. The appointed employees should be willing to watch the company’s social media accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which may be done easily with e-mail notifications and mobile apps.

2. Make branded landing pages

It is time to establish branded pages once you have identified your manager(s). Decide which social media platforms you wish to use first. At the very least, small businesses should consider Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Other sites, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Houzz, may be useful in some circumstances.

Facebook cover pages offer some versatility, allowing you to integrate certain very particular components for maximum impact:

  • Make use of color and photographs.
  • Make your profile photo a part of your cover.
  • Make it clear where people may reach you via phone or email.

Make sure to add links to your social pages on your website and encourage all of your customers and friends to join your pages when you have created them.

3. Create a calendar for planning.

It is time to start creating a planning schedule now that your social media pages are up and running. It should be done once a month. The following may be included in your planning calendar:

  • Weekly number of posts
  • When will the post be published? (you should vary your posting times)
  • Determine the content for each post (this will be discussed in-depth in the next section)

A planned calendar establishes the groundwork and guarantees that you keep up with your social media accounts and update them regularly. You can, of course, post other news, tips, and ideas as they come up.

The most common stumbling block for businesses is that they become excited when they first start using social media, but the enthusiasm rapidly dissipates. A monthly planning calendar can assist you in keeping your social media initiatives on track.Click here to Find more business guides and strategies.

4. Create interesting content

It is time to start creating compelling content now that you have picked a manager, set up your pages, and created a planning calendar. Once you have created content, you can schedule it to post on the dates and times you have set out on your social media calendar.

Consider thinking outside of your firm and putting yourself in your customers’ shoes while creating content. What kind of content is not just interesting, but also something that people want to share?

One of the quickest methods to gain new followers is to create shareable content. Let us look at some content suggestions:

  • Weekly advice and suggestions
  • Post something amusing (in good taste)
  • Customers should be highlighted and acknowledged.
  • Incorporate only “social media” offers
  • Images and video
  • Contests and coupons
  • Overviews of Products
  • Videos with “How To” instructions
  • Special events and sales

5. Keep an eye on the responses and keep track of your progress.

It is critical to keep track of all comments and answer promptly. All input, whether positive or negative, must be addressed. Thank someone who compliments your product or service. Reach out to them if they have a complaint or a concern. It is critical to look into the validity of the bad statement and respond quickly.

Customer feedback can assist you in better understanding how your products and/or services are received. Make sure to include a strong tracking system as well. It can provide you with a lot of information about your clients and how they behave.

Outsourced social media analytics tools, such as those offered by Global Response, can be readily implemented and integrated into your social strategy.

6. Analyze the data to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour and reactions to your products and services.

What better approach to determine client demand than by asking them? Don’t be scared to interact with your fans and solicit their feedback. This can assist in identifying both strengths and weaknesses.

As we previously covered, responding to comments quickly is essential for building a relationship with your followers.


We as a team of a professional digital marketing consultant in London believe you’ve gotten the hang of it. It was a lot to take in, and doing it for the first time can be intimidating. But once you’ve succeeded, the rest will be simple.

Because it’s up to you how you select and execute your social media marketing.

Shape the Market is a social media marketing agency in London. In 2021, it was named the “top social media company.” It has a lot of things covered for you.

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