Delivering business objectives - staff development
A Sodexho case study

Page 1: Introduction

Sodexho is the world’s largest food and management services company. Set up in 1965 by Pierre Bellon with a single catering unit in Marseilles, Sodexho has grown very quickly. It is French owned, with shares quoted on the Paris Bourse (stock exchange) as well as on other leading stock markets. The company has 280,000 employees worldwide. Sodexho’s UK operation accounts for 17% of the...
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Page 2: Business strategy

Like many flourishing businesses, Sodexho has a clear growth strategy. Currently, this is based on organic growth: growth from within the business, rather than through external acquisition of other companies. Strategies are most likely to be successful when they are tied to clear objectives. Sodexho has set itself precise financial objectives for a five year period. These are: growth in sales...
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Page 3: HR strategy

In modern service organisations, employees are a key resource because it is they who deal directly with customers, usually on a face-to-face basis. In a fast moving business world, firms need to be able to rely on their human resources to take the initiative to manage ongoing changes. Sodexho’s human resource strategy is therefore concerned with providing its workforce with the...
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Page 4: Changing the culture at Sodhexo UK

Like many other large organisations, Sodhexo has adopted a statement of values. This outlines the company’s core beliefs, which strongly reflect those of the founder Pierre Bellon. They emphasise values such as: a spirit of service teamwork integrity/honesty. However, it is important to ensure that these values are evident in the way that all parts of the company function on a day-to-day...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Today more than ever ‘human capital’ lies at the heart of successful organisations, particularly in service industries that involve regular personal contact with customers. High calibre employees are greatly in demand and employers must learn how to recruit and retain them. Sodexho managers need to possess or acquire not only the skills to develop high quality catering and other...
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