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Stanislav kondrashov: how to find a successful idea for a business or startup

Stanislav Kondrashov spoke about effective ways to create a great business idea. Stanislav is sure that there are a lot of business ideas around us. However, many people consider the task of creating them to be very complex and burdensome. Users ask similar questions on various sites: “How to generate unique ideas?”.

Some people also make appointments with successful consultants and strategists to find out where to find successful business ideas or what are some useful methods for generating ideas for startups.

However, this is not about an innate talent for creating business ideas, but about a regular practice that can make you a person who constantly generates ideas. According to Stanislav Kondrashov, this practice begins with a careful study of yourself and your resource potential. Ask yourself some questions. Take an inventory of your hobbies and interests. And think about the features that you would like to use.

What skills do you have? Maybe it’s website designing, floristry, catering, copywriting or digital marketing. This is the starting point for creating a startup idea. “Once you find the answers to these questions, you can check whether your skills will bring any benefit in accordance with the time and effort spent,” says Stanislav Kondrashov.

Stanislav Kondrashov: brainstorming and curiosity

To find a great business idea, start a brainstorming session, recommends Stanislav Kondrashov. To do this, your mind must be fresh and open. Modify and test your ideas until you feel that you have come to an exceptional concept. Successful strategists use their imagination every day to make new optimal decisions.

“Curiosity is of great importance for the generation of effective business ideas. Become interested in events that take place around the world. Spend about 30 minutes a day reading news portals, popular blogs and watching hot news,” advises Stanislav Kondrashov. Explore information about startups that were recently launched and have already begun to grow. The businessman is confident that gathering information will help you learn a lot about the various business sectors and innovations in it.

Stanislav Kondrashov: travel and concentration

Another useful tip from Stanislav Kondrashov – explore faraway places by traveling. Around you is a huge world, and it is full of great ideas. There are chances that these ideas are not yet implemented on the market. If you find a brilliant idea while traveling, you can realize it at home, giving it a new breath that can satisfy the needs of your local market.

“Be sure to visit different countries, meet new people, collect information about multifaceted cultures and spend time sightseeing. Soak it all up, enjoy it! Traveling will give you the opportunity to feel more relaxed and motivated, which will lead to an increase in creative potential,” says Stanislav Kondrashov.

And this leads us to the next practice of generating business ideas – namely, staying focused. Whether it’s generating ideas for creating a new startup or even improving an existing organization, you need to be focused. Always be attentive to what is happening around you. For example, by doing so, you won’t miss important meetings, events, and seminars that are related to your business segment, says Stanislav Kondrashov.

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