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Strategies for attracting talents in China

China is a large country that houses lots of great talent for the majority of businesses. The booming market in China is an opportunity not everyone would let pass. You will obviously wish to propel your organization forward in this market and establish a strong base. This will, however, be very difficult if you do not have the right talent and skills to drive the business. Your firm will be as good as dead.

In this guide, you are going to learn some of the essentials in recruiting the best talents and also find the best Chinese recruitment agency and some of the setbacks that you may face.

Demographic and Economic Backdrop

This is technically the biggest problem your enterprise is going to face. China’s market has grown from a planned one to what we may refer to as a market economy. Again the policy for one child has resulted in a less working-age population as compared to the big number of the aging population. This has led to a shortage of talent for businesses in China.

The other setback is the level of competition. Freshly graduated young minds are eagerly waiting to get to the market and earn an income. However, the economic crisis had a major impact on these businesses from western countries because the prospective employees are seen as being absorbed more by the local organizations. The domestic firms are seen to infiltrate more talent than foreign firms in China.

How to Attract Talent

There is no doubt that your firm is not the only one looking for excellent skills and talent in China. There is a talent shortage and therefore you need to stand out in order to attract those employees with great skills and talent. You may require the services of a professional employer organization to assist you in selecting the best talents around.

A survey conducted in one of the universities in China showed that students want to be hired by companies that will achieve the following objectives:

• The future continuation of their career.

• High future earnings.

• Clear passage and room for advancement.

• Competitive basic salary.

• They receive professional training and development.

By having this in mind, the following strategies will ensure you attract the best possible talent in the Chinese market.

Remain Competitive

Employees are not only looking for financial gains from your business. They want to be in an organization that caters for their future needs too. No one would want to be in business for two years and then they are laid off. Local companies enjoy the advantage of providing job security to new employees as compared to western businesses.

So in order to set up a successful business in China, you will have to provide enticing training forums and also additional qualifications to new employees. You need to show your employees that opportunities advertised are credible and tangible. Show the prospective incoming talent how the position advertised for will enable them to progress in their careers.

Meaningful Jobs

The Chinese population is nowadays looking for employment that has meaning to their lives, has a scope of creativity that has recognition of achievements and of course has challenges too. They want to follow a successful career path that is respectful. A professional employer organization will assist you in hiring Chinese prospective employees that there is a clear route of progression in the job opportunity both professionally and personally.

Many employers have now resorted to providing career-building support and development plans for individual employees. Include this information when recruiting new talent so that they will be aware that they are not just going to earn an income alone.

Be Culture Sensitive

Chinese culture is quite different from the western one. Assuming that you will recruit talent in China while you do not consider their customs and practices will turn out to be a nightmare for you. “Keeping it Chinese” is an ideology that is embraced by many young prospective employees. Again most of the local companies provide a National Pride Card when they are recruiting new talent to their firms.

Recently national loyalty has been a great determiner in displaying the most attractive employers in China. Recent studies show that seven among the top ten businesses that recruit new employees are domestic firms. Festivities and Chinese holidays create great cohesion between your employees. Making them feel highly valued will mean the news of your good working conditions will spread like quickfire and your firm will be highly recognized meaning business development.


You could try out these procedures in order to gain the best talents in China for your firm. However, using a PEO in China will also be very helpful as they know categorically what to do and look for.

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