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Sustainable Fulfilment: How to Increase the Profitability of Your Online Store with Sustainable Solutions

A boost in sales always paves the way towards unlimited growth possibilities. Without turning a profit, companies can’t develop new strategies and ideas to gain better goals. Besides the overall success, a profit brings more investors willing to finance the business, expand business operations and allow the vendor to borrow money without much fuss. 

However, seeking profits should be done following sustainability requirements because customer behaviours have changed. Along with the need for eco-friendly products, regular consumers prefer sustainable shopping formats over regular ones because they care about their environmental impact. 

Hence, e-commerce must find the balance between profit and sustainability in a way that spurs innovation. Here’s how your online shop can do it. 

Sustainable Solutions
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Approach sustainable order processing and packaging 

Have you ever considered the impact of your products’ packaging on the environment? Well, overpackaging is not only wasteful but also a contributor to pollution. Hence, it may be possible that you misuse resources, which affects your company.

Luckily, you can change your packaging approach through better order processing techniques. If you’re a small business or want to make a significant shift in your online store, you could contact professional services, such as Monta’s fulfilment, the process that handles the logistical path of orders from reaching the warehouse to getting shipped. 

The changing process starts with your IT department, where communication with the end user is improved. After receiving the products, handling the receipts and finding storage in the warehouse, everything will be taken care of, up to checking reports and forecasts. Therefore, collaborating with the fulfilment department will provide proper machines to create custom packaging for every type of product. This solution is sustainable since the boxes are less voluminous, but also more profitable for your business.

Business advantages of the fulfilment program 

The fulfilment program across Europe benefits all web shops dealing with increasing sales and growing profits. Every business must be wary of the surging responsibility that comes with more cash flow. From that point, storage, packing and shipping must be taken to the next level through collaborating with partners. 

There are plenty of advantages to reaching out to specialised partners through the fulfilment program. For instance, costs will be transparently assessed so your company can take the proper steps regarding pricing and marketing to fit the current budget. This helps in becoming a cost-efficient and faster online shop. 

Along with rapidness and great costs, you’ll also be in control of regular operation because you’ll be provided with a vast array of shippers and delivery slots, which will be later decided based on the end user. What’s best is that orders placed before midnight can be received the next day, but this is only a part of the collaboration package. 

What your online business also needs is reliability. That’s why you’re provided with choices between in-house fulfilment programs, which are more affordable for small businesses and offer more flexibility. On the other hand, if your shop becomes too busy, outsourcing fulfilment is for you, especially if your focus is on more considerable achievements. 

Develop your stock management department 

Introducing and improving your stock management as an online store is crucial since it can help you reduce costs. If you’re constantly aware of the stock level visibility, you’ll be able to provide better customer service. Optimal stock management is best achieved with the right inventory management systems, therefore prioritising best-selling products and increasing profits. 

Some of the benefits included in this program include lower stock costs, high customer satisfaction and a constant entire stock. At the same time, the logistics process will be taken care of at every step, from the receipt of the goods to the processing phase, so you’ll have all the support needed. 

Of course, determining the method in which stock management is the most efficient is done by the type of your e-commerce platform, the products’ dimensions and the approximate order quantity per year. 

Apply the universal checkout method 

The checkout step within the buying process is essential for improving the customer’s experience. This is why more web shops need more than one carrier for their orders. That’s why the fulfilment program provides the universal or multi-carrier checkout method. Which offers a varied array of carriers that ensure a conversion increase of 6.1%. 

Why does this work with clients? Because each customer would prefer a particular delivery time in which they can collect the package. At the same time, others have a preferred carrier, whether the reason is linked with sustainability or delivery rapidness. 

Fulfilment services offer around 20 carriers. You can choose to display online, and from that point, it’s the consumer’s decision that matters. Given that shipments are available worldwide, your online shop can settle the rate according to carrier and country, along with possible discounts and free delivery. 

Hence, your options as an online shop include numerous carriers like DHL, DPD and UPS that can deliver at different locations with specific prices. You might also ensure evening delivery or not, depending on a short audit of your customer’s preferences. The carrier might ask for a receipt signature for some products, while the client can choose a delivery time based on their schedule. 

You can link your webshop platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and many others, to Monta’s WMS system. By integrating your webshop system into the software, you have better data access. This is for every webshop and can switch between accounts efficiently to check order statuses or the shop’s inventory. The software solution will also provide a module for returns to manage them smoothly. Finally, the webshop integration also works with marketplaces with platforms like Amazon or Zalando.  

What do you think about achieving sustainable profitability? 

Online businesses must constantly challenge themselves to grow, especially since the competition is tough. That’s why Monta comes in full force with the fulfilment services that provide a sustainable and fast option. This improves profits through better order processes and eco-friendly packaging, developed stock management. And universal checkout with multiple carriers that process worldwide packages.

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