Competitive advantage through diversity
A Tarmac case study

Page 1: Introduction

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In 1901 county surveyor Thomas Hooley noticed a fallen barrel of tar that had split open in the road. The mess had been covered by waste slag from a nearby ironworks. At once Hooley observed that an excellent patch of road surface had been formed. A year later he had taken out a patent for mixing slag with tar and in 1903 formed the company that became Tarmac. Today Tarmac is still the UK...
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Page 2: What is diversity and inclusion?

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The idea of equal opportunities is concerned with eliminating discrimination. The purpose is to ensure workers have equality of access to recruitment, training and promotion opportunities in the workplace. This increases the pool of potential employees for firms. Recruitment decisions are therefore based on getting 'the right person for the job'. Tarmac has a rigorous policy for equal...
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Page 3: Diversity as a HR strategy

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Like any other business, Tarmac has to add value. While Tarmac is highly efficient in controlling its costs, the company's real achievement lies in offering customers something special. This comes through the strength of relationships, the quality of service, the ingenuity of solutions and the reliability of its staff and systems. Recruiting, deploying and retaining the right people who can...
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Page 4: Benefits of a diversity strategy

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Diversity and Inclusion is a key dimension to HR management. It is also embedded in Tarmac's overall business strategy. This is driven by a compelling goal: ‘Achieve the Exceptional’. This is achieved through diverse talent and leadership within Tarmac.Engage employeesTarmac recruits in a highly diverse labour market to achieve corresponding diversity in its workforce. By motivating...
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Page 5: Diversity in practice

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A diverse workforce will have employees from a variety of backgrounds. Pedro is a Procurement Contract Data Manager at Tarmac. ‘I'm originally from Columbia with a family background in the construction industry. Good luck took me to Tarmac where my specialism is procurement – obtaining the right materials and services at the right time and at the right price. I joined Tarmac in...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Tarmac is deeply committed to a vision of diversity and inclusion among its staff. However, there are challenges to be addressed. Diversity is dynamic. Tarmac's workforce changes regularly. A diverse staff at one location may become much less diverse through promotions, resignations and retirement. In addition, economic conditions also change. Recruitment unavoidably slowed quite sharply following...
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