Meeting the challenge
A Tarmac case study

Page 1: Introduction

Governments markets are made up of the spending of National and Local governments. Each year the government spends billions of pounds on a range of services both to support its internal operations and to provide the public with services such as defence, education, road systems, public order and safety, housing, recreation and health care.Many government contracts are very large and can involve...
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Page 2: Tarmac today

From its beginnings as a ‘one product’ company, the Tarmac Group has grown to become a world-class provider of high quality products and services which now cover every aspect of the construction industry. The Group has two principal activities - Heavy Building Materials, embracing aggregates and the manufacture of building materials and Construction Services, covering construction...
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Page 3: Resources

The required skills for any construction project include proven ability to design, construct and commission the work. The ability to co-ordinate and manage the design and construction works is vital to PFI projects where late completion will cause revenues to be delayed.An important part of the PFI process is ‘bid management’. The bidding process for PFI projects is notoriously...
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Page 4: Changes in the external environment

Many of the core skills required by a company pursuing PFI projects already existed within the Tarmac Group. For example, Tarmac regularly invests funds in operations and new facilities at its quarries. The relevant ability to deal with project finance was already available in-house and this was enlarged to reflect a new workload. Tarmac’s work in construction also involves negotiating...
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Page 5: Gaining advantages

As the length of most of the projects under the PFI initiative is 25 years it is not easy to identify the true value of each project in which Tarmac engages. However, all of these contracts have provided Tarmac with the opportunity to use and develop a wide range of skills and resources. Tarmac’s expertise within the construction industry includes the supply of aggregates and concrete...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Tarmac is involved in the first PFI project in the education sector at the University of Greenwich. The construction of 664 bed spaces and catering areas at the Avery Hill student village cost £12 million and was opened in time for the 1996/7 academic year.A single agreement was entered into between the University and Tarmac which involved the funding, design, construction, facilities...
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