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TEC case study finding a best fit ERP system for a robotics company

Originally published on TEC.

This case study shows how a due diligence approach to enterprise software evaluation and selection leads to the best-fit software, even when the timeline is short and there is an initial bias towards a specific solution.

Addressed in the case study

In this case study, you’ll be walked through the complicated process of software selection, specifically when you’re working with a short timeline. It includes:

  • What happens when multiple stakeholders join a selection project with a predetermined solution in mind?
  • How to shortlist the right vendors using TEC Advisor
  • Gathering a thorough requirements list
  • Vendor demonstrations

The Specifics

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) worked with Ekso Bionics, a company that designs and manufactures robotic exoskeletons, to find a best-fit enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Ekso Bionics primarily works within the medical and industrial markets, so the system had to match the requirements of both these industries.

Ekso’s current accounting and inventory processes included Excel and Quickbooks – the use of these solutions were slowing down operations.

The company was making rapid growth, and needed to improve efficiency to meet this expansion – Ekso managers realized that an integrated ERP system would be the right software solution to accommodate this.

For the research and selection phase, Ekso utilized TEC’s ERP features and functionalities lists, and consulted with TEC Advisor, (an online, decision-making platform). TEC’s project delivery manager who helped the company define their software selection objectives, and kept the project to a fixed timeframe.

About Ekso Bionics:

  • Company size: 100 employees
  • Annual revenue: $8.5 million (USD)
  • Industry: robotics
  • Region: North America
  • Headquarters: California

Download the Case Study

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