Using diversity and inclusion to provide better service
A Tesco case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Tesco is the UK’s leading retailer, serving millions of customers every day. It also employs more people than any other company, with over 300,000 employees in the UK. With almost 3,000 stores, Tesco has a presence in every major town and generated revenues of over £42 billion in 2011/12. Stores range from the convenient town centre Metro and Express formats, to larger Extra stores...
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Page 2: Diversity and inclusion

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In the UK we have a diverse society. There are people from many different backgrounds and cultures. There are also changes taking place in the number of men and women in the population. These changes to population are called ‘demographics’. One key demographic is that an increasing number of older people are working – an ageing workforce. Tesco’s policy is to ensure that...
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Page 3: Engaging with diverse groups

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Tesco has established a number of networks to ensure that it engages with all its people. Its four key networks are: Out at Tesco. This group represents those with different sexual orientations. It has over 1,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members and is recognised by other groups as an excellent example of how such networks should operate. Women in Business. This is the...
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Page 4: A diversity strategy

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The importance that Tesco places on diversity is shown by the detail of its strategy. The key aspects are that ‘everyone is welcome’ and the aim is to ‘raise the bar on talent’. Tesco has a dedicated talent and diversity team. This team communicates the diversity strategy throughout the business to ensure that its objectives are reached. Tesco recognises that within each...
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Page 5: Benefits of a diversity strategy

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Tesco’s diversity strategy brings many benefits to the business. It means, for instance, that Tesco is always aiming to recruit from the widest possible talent pool, helping it find the best person for the job. The workforce will have a better understanding of customer needs as it reflects the same diversity as the customer base. It also opens up new ideas and opportunities that may arise...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Tesco recognises that the communities it works in are diverse and constantly evolving. In addition, each individual has skills and potential that Tesco can help them to realise. Tesco’s diversity and inclusion strategy ensures that ‘everyone is welcome’ and that the systems are in place to help people reach their potential. This strategy helps Tesco find, train and employ the...
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