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The best contract templates for small business

We are sharing a selection of management accounting templates that we have improved over the past year. We collected feedback from users and, one might say, made a universal solution for small businesses. The template contract agreement for small business accounting is quite simple, so you can easily change itto suit the specifics of your business.

Employment contract

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee about the nature and duration of the employment relationship. An employment contract legally formalizes the mutual rights and obligations of participants in an employment relationship. A properly drafted employment contract will protect the interests of the employer without infringing upon the employee’s rights and will help avoid many undesirable legal consequences. The parties to the employment contract are the employer and the employee. An employment contract should be distinguished from a work contract. An employment contract provides an employee with several benefits, guarantees, and compensations. Sometimes, they use the terms labor contract or labor agreement.

An employment contract is concluded in writing and drawn up in two copies, each of which is signed by both parties. An employment contract that is not executed in writing is considered void. According to the labor code, additional conditions may appear in the labor contract that does not worsen the employee’s position in comparison with those established by labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts, collective bargaining agreements, agreements, and local regulations, namely:

  • A condition on specifying the place of work, indicating the structural unit of registration and its location;
  • Probation condition;
  • Non-disclosure agreement of proprietary or commercial information;
  • The condition on the employee’s obligation to work after training for at least the period established by the contract, if the training was carried out at the expense of the employer;
  • Agreement on the types and conditions of additional social and medical insurance for the employee;
  • Condition on the possibility of improving the social and living conditions of the employee;
  • A clause specifying the working conditions of this employee and the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer.

Sale and purchase agreement sample

Under the contract of sale, one party (the seller) undertakes to transfer the item (goods) to the ownership of the other party (the buyer), and the buyer undertakes to accept these goods and pay a certain amount of money. For the purchase and sale of securities and currency values, the general provisions on the sale and purchase agreement provided for by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation shall apply unless the law establishes special rules for their purchase and sale. In the cases provided for by the legislation, the specifics of the purchase and sale of certain types of goods are determined by laws and other legal acts. The general provisions on the sale and purchase agreement provided for by the Civil Code apply to property rights’ sale unless otherwise followed from the content or nature of these rights.

For certain types of sales and purchase agreements, like retail sale and purchase, the supply of goods, the supply of goods for state needs, contracting, power supply, sale of real estate, and sale of an enterprise. The general provisions on the sale and purchase agreement provided for by the Civil Code shall apply unless otherwise provided.  The subject of the purchase and sale agreement is that the goods, as a general rule, can be any property that is not withdrawn from local circulation. Things are the most widespread, traditional object of sale and purchase, which is the focus of this institution’s legal regulation. Any item can be a product: movable and immovable, defined by generic or individual characteristics, consumed and not consumed, and divisible and indivisible.

The only exception to the list of possible goods is money (excluding foreign currency) due to the very nature of the sales contract. As a general rule, the subject of the sales contract is items that, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, belong to the seller by right of ownership. The sale and purchase of items with limited circulation are possible if it does not violate their special legal regime, that is, their buyer can only be a person specially authorized to own this item.

Finance accounting

Based on the accounting information entered into the template, a cash flow report, a project/activity finance report, a report on consolidated payments to counterparties/employees, and a profit and loss statement are automatically generated. Now, this version is actively used by dozens of companies, including ourselves. You can safely call it the top among our templates in terms of the importance of the tasks it solves.


The holy grail in the accounting department of any company is payroll. Every accountant always treats with trepidation the calculation of his employees’ salary, because errors in its calculation can lead to penalties and hurt the pride of some employees personally. When calculating wages, accountants work with a great variety of primary documents, the main of which is the calculation template for salaries.

Often there are difficulties with the calculation of charges and in comparison with the amounts already paid. Perhaps many are familiar with the situation when employees are given advances, sometimes payment in advance and also a salary. You have to spend time on reconciliation; the probability of errors increases. All these difficulties arise from the ignorance of several formulas. This template is a primary document that records the fact of a business transaction, so it has legal force and must have the following mandatory details:

  • The name of the document or its form.
  • The name of the company on behalf of which this document is drawn up.
  • The content and scope of the business transaction, the unit of measurement of the business transaction.
  • Positions of persons responsible for the implementation of a business transaction and the correctness of its registration.
  • A personal signature or other data that makes it possible to identify the person who took part in the implementation of the business transaction.

Small warehouse accounting

Many companies have a wealth accounting problem. These can be consumables, equipment, or a product to be sold. Everything is arranged on one sheet, on the second are expenses, and the third displays the consolidated balances. Yes, we know that there are many warehouse programs. But sometimes they are merely irrational or inconvenient to use.

Warehouse accounting through the template for small business allows you to calculate: the remainder, consumption, and arrival of any product in the warehouse of a company or any factory, especially for those organizations that require constant reporting of materials or finished products. If large enterprises order special programs, then small firms usually use a spreadsheet, the functionality of which is sufficient for these purposes. We have about a dozen more templates. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, leave a comment, and we will help you find the information or ready-made template you need.

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