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The best hosting company ever WordPress domain blogging help

Choosing the right hosting company for your WordPress is something you need to think about as a new blogger, or even as an option to host a website for your own business. Sure, there are all kinds of servers and hosting services out there, but you need to think about the best when it comes to pricing, uptime, what they have to offer, and their level of support. When you create a WordPress, you need to consider what you’re going to use it for as well.

Choose the WordPress that is For You

You need to consider things that you may need for your website, and what you need to have. Like free domains, VPS, managed or unmanaged (aka preinstalled or manual installations) of WordPress, as well as the pricing of the best host company. You need to consider things like traffic, bandwidth, storage space for your needs, and so much more. If you’re going to have a lot of audio and video content and have a high amount of traffic, you may want to consider getting a higher level package than the lowest priced alternative because any web host will give you more of these things the more you’re willing to pay.


Even WordPress themselves have a free plan, and a lot of these though will have hidden codes, not allow you the full flexibility you may want, and even worse, advertising. Not only this, but many of these free WordPress hosting sites (unless you’re doing your own manual installation for free on your own web host) will cause more of a hassle than what it’s worth. If you’re wanting to be successful with a WordPress blog, or use it for anything other than a personal journal, you may want to steer clear of free web hosts.

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

Depending on what your needs are when it comes to your website as well, or how secure you’re going to need it to be, you may want to look into whether you’re wanting your own dedicated web server (dedicated hosting), or a shared server which other users are on as well (shared hosting). Keep in mind that shared hosting is just as secure, the only difference is that it’s comparable to cable internet vs. DSL, where things like distance, the amount of users, websites and shared traffic can all have their own things that can affect your website (just like with different ISP types, you get lower speeds and more depending on certain factors).

Conclusion: So, What’s the Best?

When it comes to the best WordPress hosting site, it’s of course user preference. The most common and popular one though is definitely BlueHost, because they offer comprehensive packages that give you what you need as well as a managed WordPress and domain for free for the first year. They also have one of the best support teams out there and many features that are specifically designed for your needs.

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