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How web hosting affects your search engine rankings

SEO is very important for any scale business as high ranking greatly affects the traffic a website generates. It also improves user experience, making it more likely for them to become frequent visitors. What most page owners have probably not realized is that their choice of a web host can have a significant impact on their search engine ranking. Choosing a bad one can result in a drop in the ranks while picking a proper one can help one stay on the first page of searches and ensure overall page performance. There are a few ways that the provider of VPS, Windows or Linux based, can affect your ranking. Have a look at these hosting provider review.

Website Speed

Web hosting can impact your page’s loading time. Having a fast loading website doesn’t necessarily get you ranked first, but it contributes to all the SEO work. In general, slow loading leads to negative user experience as most want quick availability and fast service.

About 40% of visitors bounce from sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. This percent increases with every additional second. If a page is slow, this is a drawback on the host’s end. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid shared hosting, as unlike VPSLinux and Windows hosting or dedicated servers, they have a restricted amount of resources shared among users. If one experiences a high amount of traffic, others suffer from lag and low availability.


No hosting company can guarantee 100% uptime, but top tier ones can ensure the next best thing. If the server frequently experiences downtime, even on slow non-peak hours or the site is inaccessible or sluggish, it’s bad for the ranking.

It means that search engines are locked out of your page and web crawlers can’t properly index the new content. They can’t determine what things you’ve done to optimize the page, the keywords and phrases used. This way search ranking suffers greatly, and the website doesn’t go up in the search engine. Look into your possible VPS Windows or Linux hosting provider’s uptime and customer support quality.

SSL certificates

Having a trustworthy website is vital to the overall SEO ranking as customer trust is everything. The site acts as a bridge that connects your audience with your brand. That’s why building credibility and the feeling of safety on the visitor’s part is critical. SSL certificates are handy for this as they inform the incoming people that your page is secure and any incoming or outgoing information on it is encrypted. It also acts as proof that you’re a legitimate business. These are important as Google acknowledges this certificate in the ranking algorithm. The right providers of VPS Windows and Linux servers also offer them, so if you’re switching, consider getting it, too.


Sometimes problems happen and because of them, you can lose your website data. Whether this happens because of a malicious attack or a natural disaster that affects the server’s physical location the result is the same. Lost information means lost ranking.

To protect oneself from this scenario, it’s crucial to do regular backups. Some hosting providers don’t offer proprietary back services and instead, they’ll provide a third-party backup service. Choosing one that has this option out of the box is a better option as they’ll have regular updates and all of the right redundancies, which are very beneficial in case the website goes down.

Issues of Shared Hosting

Most businesses choose shared hosting due to it being cheaper when compared to dedicated or VPS Windows or Linux servers. What they don’t consider is that there are some serious drawbacks.

Shared resources are restricted and when one site experiences high traffic, the others load more slowly. This causes the bounce rate to increase, which negatively impacts search ranking results. Another flaw is that Google has certain indexing limits that are based on IP addresses. If a shared hosting IP is taking up too much web crawler time, your page may take longer to index and be updated in SERPs.

Web hosts and the services they provide have a significant impact on the performance and search engine ranking of a page. If they don’t provide the necessary resources or certificates, such things as bounce rates increase, which results in significant rank drops. That’s why choosing an appropriate hosting provider is important.

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