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The best PDF editing app for iOS

Why do you need PDFs? The docx extension is often the choice for the final output of digital documentation, but people sometimes look to the advantages of PDF as a differentiator. Both are often seen in business documents, school assignments, office work, or just information shared by friends.

The advantages and disadvantages of PDF and docx are separate, where both extensions are quite recommended for the benefit and description of work documentation activities. Capturing, customization, attractive digital layouts, and supporting the latest changes are the functions offered.

Closer than that, files with PDF (Portable Document Format) extensions have their own advantages to support faster mobility.

Here are the reasons why PDF files are suitable for digital documentation. Here are the advantages of PDF over the Word (docx):

1. Cross-Platform Support

PDF is a flexible file that can be accessed on various devices and operating systems, starting from PC and Mobile. Users can open documents via a browser application on the device, eliminating the need to run a special program just to view them.

2. Fast and Light Access

PDF provides portable access, so it can be opened without a special installation process. The advantages of PDF that support browser applications make it easier for documents to be found quickly from local access.

3. More secure data security

Final format models provide a type of reading that is difficult to modify. To be able to add editors, comments, and other parameters, you must use a special application, such as PDFelement that supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition), where the system can convert images into text.

4. Supports File merging

Additional application assistance such as PDFelement allows merging files quite easily. Merging will be very helpful in grouping documents that have the same editorial type or derivatives.

The PDF format is one of the most popular and powerful ones today. It is supported by several platforms and has many interesting capabilities, such as the usability for forms or digital signature support. Editing these types of documents is often a necessity, and tools like Wondershare PDFelement for iOS are crucial when there are tasks of this type. For easy access and integration with your iOS device, PDFelement Pro is now available on the App Store.


PDFelement for iOS is the ideal tool to easily create, edit, convert, annotate and sign PDFs digitally.

Then PDFelement offers a whole new and easy interface as well as more advanced writing tools. Besides, already used to Wondershare quality, they see with this app improved collaborative features such as:

    Optimization of teamwork

    Powerful conversion tools.

Designed for everyone: simple and intuitive

The options menu is now available in a sidebar on the right side of the window.

Each button leads to the appearance of related operation buttons.

You can then mark up text in the PDF, add new text in various formats, and take notes however you like.

Then, the Compose menu allows you to make a wide range of advanced editing options. Page organization is also very simple and intuitive to use.

It is much more than just PDF editing and reading

PDFelement in its Standard version has some functional limitations. However, the Pro version presented here, brings a broader range of advanced features that go beyond editing and reading.

Namely, in PDFelement for iOS we can count on:

PDF preview – browse, query, zoom in and out, swipe horizontally and vertically. Choose from multiple viewing modes, including Day, Night, or Sepia to find an option that suits your needs, whether in the office, on the road, or at home.

PDF Creation – create a base PDF document or even scan a PDF

PDF editing – possibility to edit PDF documents

Page Organizing – Rotating, Deleting, Inserting Pages in PDF Documents


Notes – possibility to add Notes to PDF documents

OCR – this is optical text recognition, allowing you to edit and convert text from scanned images or PDFs

Merge and convert PDFs – combine different file formats into a new PDF, with the possibility of converting it to other formats such as EPUB, HTML, RTF or text


Batch operations – process PDFs in batches with addition of backgrounds, watermarks, headers and footers

Support for standard PDF/A format – guaranteed format compatibility according to ISO standard, for long-term archiving

Creating and Signing Forms – Create forms with the ability to be filled in, including buttons, checkboxes, lists, digital signatures and more.


Serial numbering – also called Bates numbering, it is a kind of stamp with sequential and pre-formatted numbers, typically used in medical or legal documents.

PDFelement for iOS is available on the App Store

In order to make this application even more accessible and secure, both PDFelement for iOS and PDFelement for Mac are now available on the App Store. That way, you’ll have access to updates at the time they’re released, so you can update it quickly and worry-free. PDFelement8 for Mac will release on July 1st, it supports more features such as Dark Mode, multi-tabs and signature with trackpad. Now get the PDFelement for Mac can enjoy a free upgrade on July 1st!

Besides, you’ll be able to easily use different versions as needed, being able to manage the subscriptions or even the lifetime purchase from the App Store.


PDFelement has powerful editing features that will surely make it easy for every user to “play” with your PDF documents. Not only that, this application is also available for other operating systems, namely Mac, Windows, and Android. Want more info? Learn more about PDFelement for iOS!

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