The changing environment within the gas industry


Gas is the carefully controlled source of nearly half of the country’s energy needs. And most of that gas is transported safely and reliably by a British company - Transco. All day, every day, sophisticated computer-based telemetry watches, records and reports as the gas goes through meters, compressors, valves and governors on its way to more than 20 million homes, factories and businesses. Millions of cubic metres of gas every day are pushed through the system at a steady 10-15 miles an hour. Transco is the gas transportation arm of BG plc. The top management team comprises a managing director, chief operating officer, finance director, corporate affairs director and strategy & business development director. The business is divided into a number of groups, or directorates - licence to operate, legal, human resources, corporate projects, regulation and reform of gas trading arrangements. Transco is highly information-rich. Its cutting edge computer systems and technological knowhow run the gas transportation network and underpin the competitive market in domestic, industrial and commercial gas supply. This case study focuses on changes to the gas industry in recent years. Few organisations exist within a market that changes almost by the hour. Transco is able to cope...

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