Business activities and care for the environment


Aggregate minerals are an important resource and their use is essential to national prosperity. They are vital for building new or improved housing, hospitals, schools, factories, roads and leisure facilities. Everything from a garden path to the Channel Tunnel. The processing of aggregates also provides materials for a whole range of non-construction uses: in agriculture, water purification, medicines, paint, toiletries, paper, plastics and steel making. Mineral working can have a significant effect on the landscape and on the living conditions of the people. It is essential that the industry operates to high environmental standards and manages its operations in a manner which minimises their impact on the environment. Business managers have to take these matters seriously as public awareness and concern has significantly increased over the last decade. Companies are judged on the achievement of their “traditional” business objectives, such as return on investment, growth, market share etc. and now on their environmental performance and this is often looked for in specific statements, objectives and strategies set by a company. It is not only environmental campaigning groups or concerned consumers who realise the importance of the environment. Research has shown that three-quarters of managers feel that more emphasis should be...

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