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The importance of computer security in the business environment

Today, the vast majority of companies have information stored on computer systems or in cloud systems. The protection of databases and computers against attacks or intrusions is very important both for the activity of the company and for its reputation. Therefore, today all companies pay attention to computer security or IT security. That’s why knowledge of IT security standards is very important to learn.

What is computer security?

Computer security or cybersecurity is the discipline that is responsible for guaranteeing the privacy and integrity of the information stored in computer systems. It is made up of practices, measures and equipment that aim to protect servers, equipment, mobile devices and software programs from attacks or failures.

Cybersecurity is a complex and changing field because it is closely linked to technological advances and the new risks that appear. Therefore, it is essential to keep up to date in order to guarantee the correct protection of information within an organization.

Types of computer security

Cybersecurity spans different contexts and can be subdivided. In this case, we present three types of computer security that exist:

Network or online security: It serves to protect a network and the data that is transmitted through it. Antivirus, firewall or antispyware are responsible for preventing virus attacks, worms, spy intrusions or information theft.

Hardware security: Protects equipment against possible intrusion, manipulation or theft. Here the physical security of the machines and devices that a company has is taken into account, keeping them in safe spaces such as locked rooms. Password protection, backups or UPS systems are also included to prevent system crashes.

Software security: It is in charge of safeguarding the information stored in computer systems. It is primarily responsible for blocking and preventing malicious hacker attacks on company programs and data.

Importance of cybersecurity in companies

Companies store information such as bank accounts, customer and supplier data, legal documents, etc. which are its main asset and essential pillar. Thus, the loss, alteration or theft of this information could seriously harm the organization, causing even millionaire damages.

The protection of computer equipment is essential to avoid risks that could endanger the stability of the organization. It is necessary to mention that cybersecurity is directly linked to business risk management. Investing in computer protection is a way to improve profitability and make a firm commitment to the future of the company.

Computer security specialists: future employment commitment

The profile of a specialist in cybersecurity and digital risks is highly demanded, due to the importance that information security has gained with technological advances. Companies are increasingly aware of the need to have qualified personnel within their organization charts.

Among the main functions of a computer security specialist are:

– Preparation of protection plans for computer equipment and

– Computer emergency management.

– Implementation of security protocols and tools.

– Analysis and detection of possible computer threats.

Specific training to be an expert in Cybersecurity

A computer security expert must have knowledge and skills to be able to protect information within an organization. In this way, professionals must be continuously trained to acquire the necessary skills and keep up with technological changes.

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