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The ins and outs of being a YouTuber alongside being a student

For those of you who haven’t heard of a being a ‘YouTuber’, it involves ordinary people like you and I to create online content. This content can include makeup tutorials, cooking tutorials, vlogging which involves filming day to day life or anything else really. Every YouTuber is different and bring their own game to their channel. It is becoming increasingly popular as it is now recently also a career path. Get enough subscribers and views and you can start earning money on your videos. But it isn’t all well and good being a YouTuber. Doing YouTube alone can be quite a large plateful but how about when you are a student too? I would like to highlight some advantages and disadvantages doing YouTube alongside your studies, its okay being a ‘YouTuber’ but you should not ignore your studies and get help from a tutor from Dewsbury.


  • YouTube can help increase a person’s confidence. This is likely to help them through their time in university as confidence is needed as a student in and out of class. Confidence is needed to do presentations and to make new friends.
  • YouTube can be a source of income if done well. Having an extra few pounds in your pocket is good for anyone but especially for a student as having a social life can be expensive sometimes.
  • Doing YouTube is very flexible as no timetable needs to be followed. This allows a person to pick and choose when they want to create content. When studying gets a little harder, stepping away from YouTube isn’t a problem.
  • Having two responsibilities on the go can increase time management and organisational skills which are extremely important for not just university but for everyday life.
  • YouTube could be used for educational purposes. Videos could be made on previous and current academic experiences to give others a larger insight. This can make you feel more fulfilled as you are using your platform to help others.


  • Studying requires effort, time and dedication but so does YouTube. Doing both at the same time can cause an individual to become extremely run down.
  • Studying will often bring along stress especially around exam season but YouTube is no easier. There is stress to create quality content that your audience will want to watch.
  • There can be immense social pressure from YouTube. YouTubers often receive a ton of hate online and that can never be pleasant. YouTubers, just like any other ordinary person, want to be liked and accepted. This is also the case of a student. Everyone wants to make friends and not be disliked or a loner. In this way, wanting to ‘fit in’ becomes a bigger issue than it usually is as there is a pressure to be like both at university and online.
  • Doing YouTube at the same time as studying can take away focus from studying. YouTube has the potential risk of becoming a priority over studying and that will negatively impact grades.
  • YouTubers often become popular or well-known and this could negatively impact a student’s social life at university. Some people are likely to mock the decision of doing YouTube which can drop self-confidence rapidly. On the other hand, people may try to become more involved in this student’s life for the wrong reason. For example, to be more socially liked as being seen with a YouTuber may be seen as ‘cool.’

So is it a good idea to be a YouTuber and a student at the same time? If a person possesses skills like confidence, time management and is extremely organised, doing both shouldn’t be a problem. This is because the confidence can help a person during university in both the academic and social aspects. Having good time management will allow a person to not prioritise one over the other or not prioritise YouTube over their studies which will further help enhance success in both, but if you do get behind on your studies you can get help from an online tutor. Having organisational skills will allow a person to stay on top of both their studies and YouTube responsibilities in a way that will not take over their entire life. Alongside these traits, having a thick skin is also an essential. This is because the hate isn’t unheard of whether it is received from university or online.

However, on the other hand, if a person struggles with multiple responsibilities and has a problem with focusing on more than one thing, maybe doing YouTube alongside studying is not a good idea. Furthermore, if stress leaves negative impacts on a person, it is probably the best decision to steer away from doing both. This is because undoubtedly university comes with a load of stress whether that is preparing for lectures, catching up on a ton of reading or sitting exams. This is enough stress for any one person but then adding the stress of creating content for YouTube, editing videos and the pressure of staying consistent to grow your followers can become too much to handle.

It can be done but it is a very personal decision. Only you know your limits and what you can and cannot manage.

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