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The top Instagram updates you need to know

Stay informed of Instagram updates to justify your social stance.  

Instagram is a world in itself. It is evolutionary, revolutionary, transforming and dynamic. So to catch up with its true benefits, you have to stay updated. From transformed ad market to upgrade shops, Instagram keeps on launching new features. So you cannot compete with your competitors and would be unable to take advantage of top marketing trends if you are unaware of these updates.  

In this article, I am going to discuss the top Instagram updates of December 2020. Read the full article to get a true portrayal of how much it keeps on changing continuously. You can gain Instagram followers to expand your audience; the accounts with more and more followers get access to full features of Instagram.  

Instagram allows new product tags for Reels 

During the last month of November, Instagram reshuffled its home screen. The product tags have been added for Reels. Interestingly, these tags are available for Reel’s front and centre, Instagram posts and stories.  

These product tags are designed for some specific purposes and thus can help the businesses grow in specific aspects, such as 

  • Shopping option is available on every type of Reel 
  • Let you promote your ads on Instagram 
  • Product images can be remodified and tagged easily on Reels 
  • Creators and businesses can now promote their posts just like Facebook ads 

The content tags for Reels are advantageous  

Here comes the surprise! These are not only product tags but also branded content tags that are available to Reels and live. Why these tags? Obviously, the branded content is instrumental in promoting the transparency for sponsored posts on Instagram. These branded content ads have made it easier to add disclosures.  

Now the creators can pause or approve the ads that would be published from their Instagram account handles. A completely new workflow is there to help brands and businesses achieve their commercial objectives.  

The advertiser requests the creator to access ad creation 

The creator accepts request from the advertiser  

The advertiser then receives a notification of acceptance  

The creator receives a new notification for approval of ad created therein  

The creator can approve it instantly or can pause it for a specific time period 

Instagram unleashes expanded themes and content for guides 

Instagram is always there to surprise us. Before the start of December, Instagram guides were specific to the topic of wellness and health. And no guides could be provided for other topics. But in initial updates on Instagram, now users can create guides as per their interest. Multiple guide features have been launched by Instagram this month. The users can choose among validated themes, either from regular posts or from the product posts they are trying to promote.  

Instagram offers enhanced reach for themes  

Not only, Instagram has expanded content range and theme choices for users, but also have increased their accessibility. As soon as a user publishes a guide, it can be shared across stories, DMs and also on the desktop. As the functionality of guides has really been enriched, now users can post guides in the format of their choice. It boosts the outreach of Instagram posts.  

  • From now onwards, you can  
  • Design the theme of your choice 
  • Create a guide as per your expertise and interest 
  • Produce quality content with special tools 
  • Employ multiple Instagram tools to enhance your accessibility 
  • See and enjoy the marvellous feedback  
  • Instagram revises its home and explore tab ranking system  

Wow! Even home and explore tabs have been given a reboot this month. This feature would further create a homely environment for the users as there will be posts and feeds in your home tab from the people you are really interested in. The changes in the explore tab are also beneficial for the creators, businesses and individuals.  

  • Search for usernames and hashtags 
  • Search for locations and keywords 
  • Explore a variety of options to magnify your search criteria 
  • Instagram algorithm rests upon following six key factors.  
  • Interest 
  • Following 
  • Frequency 
  • Relationship 
  • Timelines 
  • Usage 

These features highlight the level of engagement in your posts and thus let the algorithm rank your place in the feeds. The followers with same interests would increase the accessibility of your product and let you reach out to the desired audience. 

Instagram revamps its terms of use 

The new terms of use are effective from December 2020. As usual, the Instagram terms are comprehensive and governable. The new terms cover the following areas. 

  • Service-related terms and conditions  
  • Development of new technology  
  • Instagram data policy  
  • Geographical requirements from the users  
  • Information related services  
  • Obligations and rights of the account holders  
  • Rights of Instagram  

Instagram is ready to scale up monetization 

The share of revenues from Instagram ads in overall growth of Facebook has been recorded at 10 percent. Since the 1st of December, Instagram official experts are working on updating the level of monetization for protecting the influencers and marketers.  

Instagram magnifies the shopping experience 

Previously, it was not possible to shop on Instagram through all means. Now you can shop from posts, feeds, stories and IGTV. You are no more required to use a specific funnel to go shopping. The Reels have been empowered for buying with more freedom.  

Instagram adds more fun to chatting features  

Instagram took birth as a social sharing website. It is always prone to becoming more social by extending reasonable level of social freedom to its users. Now you can entertain and please your friends and followers by doing art with their photographs and videos. You can make albums, give captions and improve the outlook of your friends’ pictures for sending them back. The new feature is supposed to take the engagement level to the next stage.  

Instagram mends the search criteria 

Previously, it was required to use a specific hashtag for searching on Instagram. If you could choose the right hashtag, you could get the desired search results. It has become different now. Instagram has allowed simple keyword search for all your ease, but this new update still needs to know how the influencers and creators respond.  

Sincere advice for the Instagrammers  

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