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The top 10 advantages of a hosted mail service

Are you a business owner and needs to send regular emails to your clients? Then you need a hosted mail service. There are many benefits you can get by having this service is the best choice. There are some free services available but the features you get by obtaining services from a mail hosting provider are very good for your business. If you do not know anything about mail server hosting then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you the different benefits you can get from it. Business owners do not realize its power but you will see for yourself in a short amount of time. One of the services that we recommend personally is Duocircle.com. There are the following advantages:

Secure hosted mail service

Smtp server host is a team of qualified experts who will ensure the integrity and security of your mails. They will protect all of your hosting and make sure the availability of the service.

Own Domain Name

One of the things that a company needs is its domain name. Having an email ending with your domain name gives your incredible recognition. Moreover, it is easier for the clients to remember your email address.

Virus and Spam Protection

One of the risks in a business are the hackers who are always trying to hack your servers. World wide web is not so secure these days as these hackers are constantly trying to cause issues for the businesses. Having a secured hosted mail server will ensure that the services are secure and free from any kind of virus and spam email.

Improved Up-time

Suppose you are browsing the web to read your email and then realize there is no connection. It is a very embarrassing situation especially for the businesses as the email are very important. the hosted mail service provider will make sure that the service is live all the time. They will make sure that you are not missing any vital communication with your partners and potential clients.

Improved Performance

One of the important things is the productivity of a business. Having a best-hosted smtp server will make you able to seamlessly contact with your customers, suppliers and other departments of the organization. There are many services you can think of such as MimeCast.com that are providing high-performance services. Moreover, G suite and Amazon AWS are also recommended by many businesses. There are many ways to receive and send email but the important thing is that you are getting your company’s domain name.


You cannot improve the productivity if more than 70% email in your inbox is spam. A hosted mail service provider will filter all the email that are nothing but spam. It will help save a lot of your energy and time.


Another great advantage of considering hosted mail service is email forwarding. Service providers like Zoho provide these features that allow you to forward an email to an appropriate person. This feature help saves you time and loved by business owners.

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