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The ultimate guide to email marketing for 2020 and beyond

Segmenting your email list based on factors such as age, location, preferences, and browsing habits, to name just a few. This makes it easier for you to send targeted emails and offers to different groups for higher conversions and better results.

Another effective method of adding personalization to your emails is by adding individual personal touches like first names and using personal data such as birthday to create tailored offers like in the case of e-commerce stores. The good thing about this process is that you can automate everything using autoresponder tools and other similar apps.

Use data to enhance your decision-making

We live in a world where every data collected can be used to improve processes and pretty much anything in our lives. In the email marketing sphere, data collected can help to determine the reasons behind increasing bounce rate, low email open and clickthrough rates, among other aspects. For example, if your landing pages are recording unusually high bounce rates, chances are that the content published on them is not compelling enough, or your pages load slowly. For slow loading speeds, we recommend that you visit MangoMatter Media for information on the importance of getting a reliable host. An excellent place to start is their reviews for Canada, where you’ll discover 15 of the best hosting providers that guarantee fast loading speeds and high uptime.

Don’t just sell, educate too

They say that content is king, and this applies to email marketing also.

Avoid sending emails that promote your offers or products all the time. In fact, make it your goal to send more educational content than promotional content. Whenever you’re sending your emails, add links to your latest blogs, video tutorials, or podcasts on topics that interest your audience. By sharing this content, you will be building trust and also positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. Ultimately, this should help you attract and nurture more leads to your business for increased sales and brand growth.

Mind your subject lines and headlines

Nothing derails the success of an email campaign more than a dull or clickbaity subject line. Subject lines significantly determine how many recipients open your emails. This makes it incredibly vital for you to learn the psychology of writing great lines.

For starters, avoid writing very long subject lines or those that sound too blown up. The reader of today is intelligent enough to spot clickbaits and will ignore such emails regardless of how valuable their content is.

For higher open rates, try to keep your headlines short but exciting to grab the attention of the reader. What’s more, consider including words that infuse some form of urgency like ‘Time Sensitive’ and ‘Limited Offer’ to name just a few. Finally, questions also work very well when used as subject lines.

Always state your call-to-action explicitly

Suppose you’re enjoying your best open rates after you tweaked your subject lines, and now more and more subscribers are reading your emails to their entirety. While this is an achievement in its own right, getting these people to take the desired action is what matters the most.

To improve on this area, ensure that all your emails have a clear purpose by having an effective call-to-action in place. Want readers to watch your latest YouTube video or to check out your new blog? State that clearly inside your email using attractive CTAs for improved clickthrough rates.

What are your email marketing plans for 2020? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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