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Tips for choosing the perfect size church for your wedding

You got the perfect white gold wedding bands and jewelry, but are you still confused about choosing your church? Finding the perfect church for your religious wedding will depend on several factors, such as its location, your personal wishes – by affinity to a specific temple – and the number of guests that will attend, which will determine its ideal size.

Before sending the wedding invitations, you should know where the religious ceremony will take place. And before choosing the temple where you will say “yes, I do”, you will have to assess aspects as diverse as its location and the number of guests you expect to be by your side on such a special date in your life. Why is this last point important? Because only then will you know if the church has enough capacity to house all your loved ones or, on the contrary, there will be many empty seats. We started!

Differences between small chapels and large cathedrals

Essentially, all churches offer what you are looking for: a religious dream wedding. However, the nuances will vary depending on the size of the temple. Smaller chapels give a more welcoming and intimate aura, with good acoustics, and require a small budget to fit them with flower arrangements and other decorative ideas, such as fabric bows on the benches, rugs, and candles.

For their part, the basilicas or cathedrals type churches give the link grandiosity, providing attendees with a powerful impact due to its elegance. In these cases, it is convenient to have a loudspeaker system and focus the decoration on some main sections, such as the altar, of course, and the corridor that leads to it. Or, at least, the benches or chairs that delimit it.

The number of guests that will attend

By sending the wedding invitations you can already get an approximate idea of ​​the number of guests that will attend your link. From that amount, calculate the space you will need for your religious marriage ceremony. Thus, if you have organized an intimate “yes, I want”, a small church, a hermitage, or a chapel will be an excellent choice so that there are no empty benches.

Architecture related to the style of the wedding

It is possible that, for your Christian religious wedding, you have chosen a simple wedding dress, or unique wedding bands or an original groom suit and you are looking for a church that best suits your style. So if you have a chance to explore the architecture of various churches in the place where you decide to get married, go for it. Between the spacious churches with Gothic columns and colored rose windows and the Romanesque stone temples, there are differences that should be explored.

The location of the church

The tradition when choosing the place of the ceremony focuses on the origin of the bride, although, like many other wedding protocol rules today, this precept can be modified to your liking. If there is a church to which you have a special affection for other circumstances – such as previous family religious ceremonies or devotion to a specific saint – do not hesitate and bet on it, whether it is in the city or in an environment rural.

Rooting counts for a lot on such an important day and you will feel at home. Also do not forget that some banquet estates also have small chapels, so you will avoid having to move from one place to another, which your loved ones will greatly appreciate.

Regardless of the size of the church, give your guests precise indications about access to it and if there is any nearby car park. Likewise, make sure that there is space-enabled so that, when leaving the church, your family and friends can throw the rice, the petals, or the confetti without disturbing traffic or public order.

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